Does Amazon Replace Stolen Packages in [year]? [Full Guide]

Shopping online with Amazon is easy. But online shopping comes with its security concerns, one of which is package theft. In 2020, over 43% of online shoppers reported stolen packages.

It could be a very disappointing experience for your packages to get stolen. So, does Amazon replace stolen packages?

Does Amazon Replace Stolen Packages?

Amazon offers an A-to-Z Guarantee Protection that covers missing or stolen packages to be replaced that were ordered directly from Amazon or a third-party seller. You have to submit an Amazon Stolen Package claim so that Amazon can replace the stolen package.

While package theft is a serious concern for any online retail supplier, Amazon works hard to ensure that your orders get to you safely and aren’t stolen or lost. Learn what happens if your package gets stolen and you report the incident to Amazon.

Does Amazon Replace a Package Stolen From Your Doorstep?

If your Amazon package gets stolen from your doorstep, Amazon may replace the stolen package. You should let Amazon know if you’re yet to see your package at your doorstep after 48 hours, past its due delivery date.

Amazon A-to-z Guarantee on packages ensures that they can help resolve issues around missing or lost packages. Amazon also offers to refund your purchase price and shipping costs on eligible goods.

If your package is eligible (purchased from an Amazon seller on, the Amazon A-to-z guarantee covers up to $2,500 of the purchase price. While this guarantee isn’t precisely for lost or stolen packages, it covers items you did not receive and damaged defective packages or items different from what you ordered.

Whether Amazon will replace a package stolen from your doorstep depends on how many times you’ve claimed and reported stolen items. If a customer does this often, the report will probably get to their fraud team.

Proof of theft can make it easier for Amazon to believe your claims. Amazon can deny your claim if you don’t respond to requests for further information from Amazon sellers or Amazon.

Does Amazon Replace a Package Stolen in an Apartment Building?

If your Amazon package gets stolen in an apartment building, Amazon may replace the stolen item. If there’s any way to prove that someone stole the package from your apartment, you can file a claim to get a replacement item and your money refunded.

Amazon can also replace a package if it’s stolen from an Amazon hub apartment locker (if your apartment has one).

What to Do if Your Amazon Package Was Stolen

Amazon understands the frustration with missing packages and therefore does its best to ensure it’s easy to report stolen packages.

If you ordered from a third-party retailer, here’s what you should do if your package was stolen or didn’t arrive when it should:

  1. Check around for your package just to be sure. Ask neighbors if they saw it being delivered or held on to it for you. If you’re yet to see your package 48 hours after Amazon notifies you of the delivery, it may have been stolen.
  1. Track your package. Contact your courier and ask your seller to give details about where it was last seen with the tracking ID. If they assure you it was delivered, you should report this as a missing package.
  1. Notify your seller first before reporting to Amazon. To do this:
  • Go to Amazon’s Pay website from your account.
  • Select “contact seller.”
  • Send your request to your seller, notifying them of this issue.

Your seller often has between 24 hours to respond, either to replace your packages or to refund your money. You can report the missing package directly to Amazon if they have still not answered.

This is what you do:

  1. Go to your Amazon account; click on “Your Orders.” Here, you’ll see a list of your orders.
  1. Find the specific one and click on “Problem With Order.” You’ll be asked to specify what the problem is.
  1. Enter as a response that your package wasn’t delivered.
  1. You can now hit the “Request Refund” button and submit it.

Does Amazon Refund Stolen Packages?

Amazon not only replaces stolen packages but also ensures that customers can get their money back for stolen packages when they file a stolen package claim.

You can submit a claim within 90 days from the order date. In some cases, Amazon will return the full price and shipping cost.

Does Amazon Have Insurance on Packages?

Amazon does not provide any insurance on packages for sellers. But, insurance companies like U-PIC provide sellers insurance on Amazon packages.

Amazon, however, is committed to ensuring the safe delivery of your packages with Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee protection policy.

Who Is Responsible for Stolen Amazon Packages?

Because of its risk of loss clause, Amazon cannot claim any legal responsibility for stolen packages. Once packages leave their fulfillment centers until they arrive at your doorstep, that risk is legally yours. If you order via a third-party seller, then Amazon and the third-party seller are also legally not responsible.

However, Amazon knows that dissatisfied customers are bad for the delivery business, so they are committed to keeping you happy by providing a refund and a replacement for stolen packages.

What Should I Do if Amazon Denied to Refund a Stolen Package?

You can appeal a denied refund appeal by Amazon. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to “Your Orders” on Amazon and find your order.
  2. Select “Problem With Order”
  3. Select ” Appeal Decision.”
  4. Enter your comments.
  5. Notify Amazon of the initial request and why you are appealing again.
  6. Submit your appeal.

It will take Amazon about a week to review your appeal and respond to you by mail. Meanwhile, you can view the status of your appeal on View Your A-to-Z refund status claim.


Amazon orders that have been stolen can be replaced under Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee for up to $2,500 on qualified purchases. Amazon also pays for refunds on stolen products, including the shipping fee. Your Amazon package may be stolen if you can’t find it 48 hours past the due delivery date.