Can You Change Payment Method on Amazon After Purchase?

Amazon offers a variety of payment options to keep your purchasing easy. While most customers are familiar with whatever payment they prefer, it is sometimes possible to accidentally choose the wrong one.

Can you change your payment method on Amazon after purchase if you make a mistake?

Can You Change Payment Method on Amazon After Purchase?

If you make a payment method mistake during a purchase on Amazon, Amazon allows you to change payment methods as long as the order has not been shipped. It’s easy to change your payment method on Amazon after a purchase, but you must act fast.

Amazon’s payment platforms are designed to reduce any issues with purchases. Whether or not you can change your payment method on Amazon after purchase depends on how soon you act. Keep reading to see how to change your payment method and lots more.

How to Change Payment Method on Amazon After Purchase?

You can conveniently change your payment method on Amazon if your package has not yet entered the shipping process. Here’s how you do it:

  1. On your Amazon account, go to “Your Orders.”
  1. Select the order whose payment method you plan to change. (A quick way to find it is to look for orders that have not been shipped.
  1. Under your order number, you will see a click-through link: Order Details. Select it and make your corrections.
  1. Select Change. You will see a list of options for changing your order, like shipping address, payment method, and gifts.
  1. Select Payment Method and follow the onscreen instructions to change your desired information. You can also cancel orders and add new orders to your delivery.

Why Can’t I Change My Payment Method on an Amazon Order?

If you made a mistake on your payment method for an Amazon order, Amazon allows you to change to your preferred payment option. But, there is a catch. You can only make this change for orders that have not been shipped yet.

Once the order’s status is “shipped,” you cannot make any changes to that order. If you are having trouble changing your payment order on Amazon, it’s likely because your order has been shipped. One way to confirm if your order status has changed to shipped is if the order now has a tracking ID.

Another reason could be that you ordered the item from a third-party seller. Third-party sellers immediately debit your card as long as you have sufficient funds. Changing your payment method on this type of order can’t get your money back.

Can You Remove Payment Method on Amazon After Purchase?

Amazon allows you to update your payment methods. You can remove a payment method from your account and add another one. Here’s how you do that:

  1. On your Amazon account, select “Your Payments.”
  1. Select the payment card you wish to remove to remove a payment method. This should appear at the center of your screen page.
  1. Select “Edit” under the card, and you can remove the card from there.
  1. Follow the other onscreen instructions to complete this process before exiting.

However, you must remember that updating your payment method on Amazon after purchase will not affect any open orders you have placed. So you should also apply the changes you made to your payment method to your open orders. 

Can I Remove My Card From Amazon After Purchase?

On Amazon, you can modify and remove your payment methods. This means you can remove your card from Amazon and add a new one. You can do this after purchase.

However, you have to do this quickly, as it’s impossible to make changes once your package has been shipped.

When Does Amazon Charge Your Card?

When you order on Amazon with your debit or credit card, Amazon does not immediately charge you. Amazon will only charge you as soon as the shipping process begins. This is why you can still change your payment method on Amazon.

But if you order from third-party Amazon sellers, they may charge you immediately after the purchase. If your card has already been charged, taking it off your list of payment options won’t get you the money back.

Since it has already been sent, Amazon won’t let you make any more changes, especially to the amount you were charged. So if you want to change how you pay, it’s best to do so before your package ships.

How to Change COD to Online Payment on Amazon

Amazon’s Cash on Delivery is a payment option that only Amazon offers and is not open to third-party sellers. Amazon offers this payment method for orders that are less than 1500 USD.

If you initially selected the COD payment method, you can change it to an online method by updating your payment methods on your Amazon account. Here’s how to change from COD to online payment on Amazon:

  • Access your Amazon account.
  • Select “Your Account.”
  • Select ordering and shopping preferences.
  • Go to your Payment and set the default purchase preference.
  • Finally, link your card.


You can still change your Amazon payment method after placing an order. However, this is only possible before the item is shipped. If your order item is from a third-party vendor, you’ll likely be charged immediately and won’t get a refund if you switch payment methods on your order.