What Does Clip and Save Mean on Amazon? [Full Guide]

It is easy to spend over your budget on Amazon because of the millions of products available on the platform. Amazon offers budget-friendly options that customers can use to save on purchases. One such offer is Amazon Clip and Save. But what is clip and save on Amazon?

What Does Clip and Save Mean on Amazon?

The Clip and Save option on Amazon lets you “clip” any coupon you want to use on purchases so that it will be saved to your account. The discount will also apply to qualifying items at checkout, allowing you to save on necessities like groceries or personal care products.

If you’ve ever wondered, what it means when Amazon says Clip and Save, or how you can clip digital coupons on Amazon, keep reading to see a full guide on what Amazon Clip and Save means!

How Do I Clip Digital Coupons on Amazon?

Would you like to clip digital coupons on Amazon? Here is a step-by-step guide to clipping digital coupons on Amazon:

  1. Enter “Coupons” into the search bar to go to the Amazon Coupon homepage. There, you’ll find a large selection of items with coupon discounts.
  1. When you find a product you like, click “Clip Coupon.” This will take you to the page of the coupon, where you will be able to view the product details. You’ll also be able to see whether only one product is attached to the coupon or if there are other products associated with the coupon.
  1. From there, click on “Add to Cart” or select “Subscribe” if the coupon is part of the “Subscribe and Save” plan.
  1. If the coupon is a subscription, tap the “Subscribe and Save” option and set the delivery quantity and frequency. The discount will apply to only one of the items ordered if you select multiple items from a single coupon discount.
  1. You do not have to immediately redeem a coupon because you’ve clipped it to receive the coupon savings. The discounts are usually auto-applied to orders made through virtual Dash Buttons at checkout.

How Much Can You Save With Amazon Clip and Save?

The coupon discount generally differs by product and brand. You can save 5 to 60 percent on some products. Some items are also offered with a dollar amount discount, ranging from $1 off your purchase to $50 and more.

The Amazon Clip and Save feature is a great way for customers to save on purchases. On the Amazon coupons home page, you can view a selection of the most popular coupons.

You are, however, not limited to these offers as you can always use the search bar to look for coupons offered for particular items you want. You can also search for coupons in specific categories, like electronics and computers, or health and personal care, using the filter list on the page.

While you may not be able to see the discount applied until checkout, double-check to make sure it is there before you eventually do.

You can see the discount on the right side at check out, while the coupon will be shown under the item for which the discount is applied. When you see these at checkout, it indicates that you have saved some money on purchases.

Is There a Catch with Amazon Coupons?

While Amazon coupons are a great way to save on purchases, there is a catch.

One of these is that the Amazon digital coupons, like every other coupon offer, expire. Most coupons are only active for a limited time, so remember to clip the coupon of your choice and purchase the eligible item before the expiration date.

Additionally, Amazon coupons only apply to eligible items displaying the coupon discount. This means that a coupon cannot be used for just any item or for an item that is not qualified for the discount.

Furthermore, the discount will be applied to only one qualifying item if you purchase multiple items from the same coupon.

Amazon Clip and Save Terms and Conditions

Like other Amazon offers, there are terms and conditions for the Amazon Clip and Save option. These conditions include:

  • A coupon discount from Amazon Clip and Save will only be applied to one qualifying item. So, if you add multiple items from the same coupon to your cart, the item’s percentage or amount discount will be applied to only one of the eligible products.
  • You must use your clipped coupons to purchase eligible items added to your cart when the coupon is still active for the discount to be applied.

Where Are My Amazon Clipped Coupons?

You can find your Amazon clipped coupons on the Amazon Coupons homepage. To locate your clipped coupons:

  1. Search for “coupons” on the Amazon search bar. This will take you to the Amazon Coupons page.
  1. On the page, go to “My Clipped Coupons.”
  1. Click on “My Clipped Coupons” to see the list of your clipped coupons and check if the coupons are still active. Use the coupons on qualifying items and check out before they expire.

What Can You Buy With Amazon Clip and Save?

With the Amazon Clip and Save option, you can use coupons to save on your purchases, including office supplies, groceries, baby products, and personal care.

Amazon Clip and Save allow you to save on the following products:

  • Makeup Products
  • Groceries
  • Office supplies
  • Hair care items
  • Electronics and computers.
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Clothing and jewelry
  • Books
  • Movies, music, and games
  • Pet supplies
  • Garden equipment
  • Household essentials


The Amazon Clip and Save option is a fantastic way to save on purchases. You can clip coupons on qualifying products to receive a percentage savings or dollar amount off the purchase when you check out. Coupons expire, so be sure to use them while they are still active.