Amazon Application Statuses [Meaning + FAQs]

Are you thinking of applying for a job at Amazon? There is a lot you should know about their hiring process and the different phases that your application may go through! Below, we explain everything you need to know!

What Does Application Status Mean at Amazon?

When you apply for a job at Amazon, your application will go through various different application status phases. These could include “Application Submitted”, “Under Review”, “Under Consideration”, and “No Longer Under Consideration”. These status changes can help you understand where you stand in the hiring process! 

Below, we explain what all of these different phases of your application status mean!

Amazon Application Statuses

Your job application at Amazon could go through a few different statuses. These include:

  • Application Submitted
  • Under Review
  • Under Consideration
  • No Longer Under Consideration
  • Not moved forward

When you first apply for a job at Amazon, your application status is immediately in the “Application Submitted” phase. This means that Amazon has successfully received your application. It will be reviewed in the near future.

After this, your application will then go into the “Under Review” phase. This means that your application is under review. During this point, a general overview of your application will likely be done. This is mainly just to ensure you qualify for the position and isn’t anything too focused.

Next, your application will then move on to the “Under Consideration” phase. When your application is “Under Consideration”, this means that an Amazon hiring manager is taking a close look at your resume and your application to see if you would be a good hire!

During this phase of your application status, the hiring manager may get in contact with you to set up an interview and continue on with the hiring process.

Your application could also enter a “No Longer Under Consideration” phase. This phase could occur at any time during the hiring process. When your application status goes into this phase, this means that your application was rejected by Amazon and you will not be hired.

When your Amazon application status is “Not moved forward” it simply means that you did not get the job.

How Do I Check the Status of My Amazon Application?

After applying for a job at Amazon, you can head over to the Amazon application login to see what status your job application is in. On Amazon Jobs, where you put in your online application, you’ll be able to understand what phase of the hiring process you’re in!

Once you sign in to your account on Amazon Jobs, you will easily be able to see everything regarding your job application. It’s that easy!

What Should I Do if My Application Status Is Not Changing?

If your application status is not changing, you should give it some time to see if anything is updated in the next few days. While Amazon works hard to keep your application status as updated as possible, this can sometimes not happen.

Amazon hiring workers are busy, so they might not have the time to consistently update everyone’s application status. It might take a long time to get through the hiring process.

So, don’t lose hope if you’re still waiting for your application status to change! Now, if you’ve waited months and your application has not changed, this could mean that your application is no longer under consideration — Amazon just didn’t change your status to reflect this.

How Do You Know if You Got Hired at Amazon?

If you have been hired by Amazon, you will receive a job offer. Therefore, you will fully know that you have been hired. Plus, your hiring manager will likely stay in touch with you to ensure that you’re ready for your first day of work!

Amazon Application Status By City

Are you looking to apply for a job at Amazon? It’s incredibly easy! All you need to do is head over to Amazon Jobs and complete an online application, regardless of what city you’re in. You’ll be able to choose which city, area, and job you apply for within the application.

If you are searching for your application status, you can also do this through Amazon Jobs. You also do not need to search for your application status by city.

For example, if you are in New York or New Jersey and would like to know your Amazon application status, you just need to sign in to your Amazon Jobs account. You will see all you need to know there!

By signing into your Amazon Jobs account, you’ll have your application status and other information there to look through, if needed. This will be the only way for you to check up on your application status, regardless of what city you’re in or what job you applied for!


There are many different Amazon application phases that your application could go through. These phases include “Application Submitted”, “Under Review”, “Under Consideration”, and “No Longer Under Consideration”. To check your application status, head over to Amazon Jobs and sign in to your account where you’ll see your personal application status.