“Not Moved Forward” Meaning on Amazon Application Status

Does your Amazon job application status now say “Not Moved Forward”? What does this mean for your application as a whole? Is there any way you can potentially get a job with Amazon when your application status says this? Keep reading to find out!  

What Does “Not Moved Forward” Mean on Amazon Application Status?

When your Amazon application says “Not Moved Forward”, this means that Amazon has decided against continuing with you in regard to the job process. Your application has been rejected, and you will not receive a job offer from Amazon. You may apply again in the future once time has passed.

There is a lot you should know about what the status “Not Moved Forward” means when it comes to your Amazon job application. Below, we explain everything!

Does “Not Moved Forward” Mean Amazon Rejected My Job Application?

If your Amazon job application status now says “Not Moved Forward”, this does mean that Amazon has rejected your job application. This may have happened for a variety of reasons.

For example, you may not be qualified for the position you put in for. You may not have enough work experience. There are a lot of reasons why Amazon may have rejected your application.

It might help to reread what you need to have (job experience, education, etc) before you apply. Go back and see what the job entailed and what it required. This could help you understand why your application was rejected. 

Does Amazon Give Feedback After Rejections?

Does Amazon Give Feedback After Rejections

On average, Amazon does not give feedback after rejections. Instead, you will just see your application status change to “Not Moved Forward” or “No Longer Under Consideration”. This is really the only understanding you’ll have that your application has been rejected.

Now, sometimes you may receive some form of feedback from Amazon — but much later on in the application process, after the interview. Often, you will not receive any type of response if you are rejected for the position.

However, some positions that are higher up (in management, etc) could give you some feedback or insight into why you were rejected. This only happens after interviews and really doesn’t happen all too often. But it could.

Can I Apply for Another Job at Amazon When the Job Status Says “Not Moved Forward”?

Yes, you can always apply for another job at Amazon — even if your Amazon application status says “Not Moved Forward”! Amazon also recommends waiting for a bit after being rejected. Each position is different, so check to see when you can apply again.

Sometimes, you just have to wait a month. In other situations, you might have to wait six months to a year before you are able to put in again for that same position.

You can always apply for a completely different position at Amazon — and you likely won’t have to wait at all after this initial rejection, as it will be a different job application for a different position!

You should definitely try and learn why you were rejected in your first application, though, as you don’t want to be rejected again. While Amazon doesn’t tell you why you were rejected, you can try to find out why you weren’t considered qualified to move on yourself!

Will the First Rejection Affect the Second Application Process at Amazon?

Your first rejection shouldn’t impact your second application at Amazon, especially if you were rejected at the beginning of the application process. If you apply again a few months or a year later with proper job experience now, for example, the previous rejection shouldn’t hurt you.

Now, if you were rejected because of something like a failed background check, this could come back and negatively impact your second application process. But other than these situations, you really should have no major problems on your second try! 


If you have received a “Not Moved Forward” notification on your Amazon job application status, this means that you have been rejected for that position. This could mean you weren’t qualified for the job, you lacked prior employment history, or they have hired another person.