Why Is My Amazon Employee Discount Not Working? ([year])

Working at Amazon comes with so many perks and benefits. Employees get free shipping, bonuses, and promotional codes on numerous items. The Amazon employee discount is one of the best perks of Amazon.

But how does it work, and why is your Amazon employee discount not working?

Why Is My Amazon Employee Discount Not Working?

Your Amazon employee discount may not work if Amazon is yet to enter your employment into their system, which may take 30 days. Also, your discount code may have expired or been entered incorrectly, you may have exhausted your yearly discount, or the item is not fulfilled by Amazon.

If your discount code is not working, you can wait a little longer for Amazon to implement your employment into their system, or you can take some steps to rectify the problem. Keep reading to see details on why your Amazon employee discount is not working and what to do about it.

1. Amazon Is Yet to Enter Your Employment Into their System.

When Amazon employs you, they give you an Amazon employee discount that allows you to save 10% on your Amazon purchases.

However, you may not be able to use this discount immediately after you come on board because Amazon may not have entered your employment details into their system.

Usually, it takes about 30 to 45 days after you’ve been employed for Amazon to add you to the employee database. Once they have added you to this database, your employee discount code will become activated.

So, if your employee discount is not working, Amazon may not have yet added you to their database as a new employee. If you’re a new employee and is yet to spend up to 30 to 45 days at Amazon, you should wait until after 45 days and try using the discount again.

2. There Is an Error in Your Code

When your Amazon employee coupon code doesn’t apply during checkout, you should check to see if you’ve mistyped the code. You can’t expect the code to apply when you type in an incorrect discount code.

So what should you do to avoid errors in entering codes? Ideally, you should copy & paste codes like this to prevent mistakes. However, if you prefer to type in the code manually instead of copying and pasting it, check that you enter the letters and numbers exactly as they appear.

If you input the Amazon employee discount code correctly, the discount should apply when you proceed to checkout. If it does not apply, the problem could be something other than incorrect code.

3. You Are Trying to Buy Items Not Fulfilled by Amazon

Suppose you entered your employee discount code correctly, but it isn’t working. In that case, it’s possible that you are trying to purchase goods fulfilled by third-party sellers and merchants and not by Amazon.

As an Amazon employee, your discount code only works on orders sold and fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). So if your code seems not to work, confirm if the items in your order are fulfilled by Amazon and not by third-party sellers.

4. Your Yearly Discount Limit Has Been Exhausted

When employed as an Amazon employee, you receive a code that will give you a 10% discount on all your Amazon purchases. However, the Amazon employee discount per year caps at $100. So, in other words, you save 10% on all purchases up to $1,000 annually.

If you have reached the annual limit of $100 on employee discounts, your Amazon employee discount code might no longer work.

You can check your discount balance by logging into your Amazon A to Z account. Once you log in and select “Profile,” you can see how much of your Amazon employee discount is still valid.

From there, you can check that page for the year’s balance. If your employee discount code isn’t working because you have reached your discount limit, you’ll have to wait till it resets, which will be on your anniversary each year.

Once it resets, you can start using your Amazon employee discount code again. You can use this code at once or apply it to several purchases up to $1,000.

5. Your Discount Code Has Expired

If your employee discount code fails to apply and it’s not for any of the above reasons, your discount code may have expired.

Amazon does not allow employees to roll over their employee discounts. So, if you don’t use your discount in the past year, you can no longer use that discount this year. And once you have used the $100 valid for the current year, you cannot use the $100 discount you didn’t use last year.

Your discount should be shown under “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes” if you used your coupon at checkout. If it does not show, there could be an error, or it may have expired.

If you confirm that your discount code has expired, you may be able to request a new discount code from Amazon.

If you have tried all these fixes and your Amazon employee discount code is still not working, you should contact Amazon’s Employee Resource Center. The ERC would be able to go through your account and let you know why your discount code is not working and how to fix it.

Keep reading to learn how to use your Amazon employee discount and if it’s allowed to share your Amazon employee discount with friends.


Your Amazon employee discount code may not work if Amazon is yet to enter your employment details into their system. It will also not work if you have entered the incorrect discount code, exhausted your annual discount limit, your discount code has expired, or the items are not fulfilled by Amazon.