Does Amazon Rehire After Termination? [Full Guide]

If you have voluntarily quit or been fired from Amazon, you may be wondering when you have the chance to be rehired by the company. Below, we have compiled a full guide that lets you know when you may be able to be rehired — and when you likely will not be rehired!

Does Amazon Rehire After Termination?

If you are terminated by you are “eligible for rehire”, then you could be rehired by Amazon. However, if you are “ineligible for rehire”, then you will likely never have the chance to regain a job at Amazon. You can always call Amazon and see what your options are.

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Amazon Rehire Policy 2022

Amazon always needs more workers. They’re one of the biggest companies in the world! As a result, it seems like Amazon is always looking to hire workers — and, in some cases, rehire past workers.

If you have voluntarily left your previous position at Amazon and you left on good terms, then you almost always have the option to get another job at the company.

However, if you have been fired and you have not left on good terms, then you may not have the chance to be rehired by the company.

Often, your Amazon account will let supervisors know whether or not you should be rehired. As a result, your worker account could be flagged as “eligible for rehire”. This means that you are recommended by your past supervisors for rehire and will likely get another job.

If your account is flagged as “ineligible for rehire”, this means that you did not leave your last job on good terms. You will likely not get rehired by Amazon in any way.

If You Get Fired From Amazon How Long Do You Have to Wait to Apply Again?

If you have been fired by Amazon, you often have to wait before you can reapply again for another job at the company. This can vary from person to person, as it appears that some workers have had different time frames to wait out.

On average, however, you will have to wait anywhere from six months to a year before applying again. Again, this could vary. In your termination letter sent by Amazon, you may have been given a timeframe to follow that lets you know when you can apply for a job again!

Does Amazon Rehire if You Quit Without Notice?

If you have quit your Amazon job without notice, this means that you likely did not leave on the best terms. It’s always recommended that you let your supervisor and boss know when you are leaving the job. Therefore, it could be difficult to regain a job in this situation.

It really does depend on what is on your Amazon account. If you have been flagged as “ineligible for rehire”, then this means you will not have a chance to get another job with the company. However, if you are “eligible for rehire”, then you might get another job at Amazon!

Can You Reapply to Amazon if You Took Their Severance Package?

If you were fired from Amazon and you took their severance package, then this means you are ineligible to be rehired at the company. Taking the severance package confirmed that you cannot get another job at Amazon.

So, you can reapply for another job at the company — but you will not get it. Your account will show that you took a severance package, so HR will ensure that you cannot be rehired.

Is It Hard to Get Rehired at Amazon?

Some workers have no problem getting rehired at Amazon at all. After all, Amazon does so much business and always seems to be needing more help. Why wouldn’t they take back some previous workers to help get the job done?

Other workers, meanwhile, have a different experience. They have struggled to be rehired. Often, this all depends on what your job performance was when you left the first time — and how you left the first time.

If you left on good terms, then you will likely be rehired. If you left on bad terms, then you likely will not.

Is It Better to Resign From Amazon or Get Fired?

It is always better to resign from Amazon rather than get fired, especially if you are thinking that you might want to reapply for a job at Amazon in the future. If you are fired, then this could keep you from being hired again.

Plus, you’ll have to wait a certain time period before you can apply to work at Amazon again when you are fired. In comparison, if you voluntarily resign, you can immediately reapply for another job at Amazon quickly after your resignation.

In fact, there are many past workers who state that they have done this. They have resigned from their Amazon job for a certain reason, only to then apply for the same job only two weeks later. And they’ve gotten that job!

So, if you’re looking to potentially get a job with Amazon again, you’ll want to resign if you can rather than be fired. Again, always try to leave on the best note possible!

How to Get off the “Amazon Do Not Rehire List”

Amazon’s Do Not Rehire List is the same list as the “Ineligible for rehire”. Unfortunately, there is no great way to get off of this list. Often, you will not have any chance to do so. Once you are on this list, there is no way to get off — and therefore, no way to be rehired by Amazon.

Amazon only puts people on this list if they have not been in any way a good worker. After all, Amazon is known to rehire workers, even those who have been terminated in the past. They are always looking for new workers to hire.

But if you’re on the “Ineligible for rehire” list, you will, unfortunately, not have a chance to get off of the list. You can always try to get in contact with HR and see what your options are, but HR may also tell you that they can do nothing.


Amazon does rehire workers after they have voluntarily left their job and after they have been terminated. “Eligible for rehire” workers can be rehired, while “ineligible for rehire” workers cannot be rehired by the company. You may also have to wait up to a year before you can be rehired!