Amazon Break Policy [year] [Including Night Shifts]

Over one million people work at Amazon, and the worldwide company’s employee retention is pretty impressive. While there are a lot of reasons to work at Amazon, in this article, we are going to discuss the Amazon break policy to find out what breaks look like while on the job at Amazon.

We will cover if Amazon breaks are 15 or 20 minutes and the entire Amazon break schedule, so you understand everything there is to know!

Amazon Break Policy [year]

The Amazon break policy is that all employees receive a thirty-minute break every five hours worked and a ten-minute break for every four hours worked. While each job varies slightly, warehouse workers even have monitored bathroom breaks.

The Amazon break policy is extremely specific, so we are going to go through the ins and outs of exactly what the schedule looks like, whether or not Amazon employees get paid for theirs, and much more!

How Long Are Breaks at Amazon

How long your breaks are at Amazon depends on how long the shift is. Technically, for every five hours worked, every employee receives a thirty-minute break, and for every four hours, they receive a ten-minute break.

That means that on a ten-hour shift, every employee is authorized to take two thirty-minute breaks and two ten-minute breaks. However, it is more common that on longer shifts, employees will only take thirty-minute breaks, along with short bathroom breaks.

Warehouse workers’ bathroom breaks are monitored by time off task which is measured by when they are away from their stations, whereas office workers’ bathroom breaks are not monitored.

During the pandemic, the ten-minute breaks were increased to twenty minutes; however, Amazon recently returned to the former ten-minute policy. Although a fifteen-minute break is standard policy throughout the workforce, it is unlikely that you will receive a fifteen-minute paid break while working at Amazon.

How Many Breaks Do You Get at Amazon?

When it comes to allotted breaks, you only get between one and four breaks at Amazon, depending on how long you work and your job title.

For longer shifts such as ten hours, you may be eligible for up to four breaks, two for thirty minutes and two for ten; however, most Amazon employees only take two of these breaks.

Overall, although Amazon’s break policy may seem sufficient, there are several employees within the company who have reported that they do not receive enough break time throughout their shifts and that there is simply no time to actually take them.

Can I Take an Extra Break at Amazon Warehouse?

Can I Take an Extra Break at Amazon Warehouse

Unfortunately, you cannot take an extra break at an Amazon warehouse. Because the company has over one million employees, the rules are very strictly enforced so that each and every employee receives the same allotted breaks.

Amazon has to be extremely careful when it comes to not allowing bathroom breaks when needed, as the company has been scrutinized recently for its intense monitoring. In order to combat these complaints, Amazon created the time off task metric.

Amazon claims that the time off task metric, which watches when warehouse employees step away from their station to use the bathroom, is for the benefit of the employee and the company and actually encourages bathroom breaks, but some employees feel differently

Does Amazon Keep Track of Breaks?

Amazon absolutely keeps track of breaks, especially with warehouse and delivery employees. There are several supervisors on shift at all times who monitor all allotted breaks, including bathroom breaks.

Office employees are under less observation and can take short breaks as needed, however, their thirty-minute lunch break is set in stone.

Although you cannot be penalized for taking the legally required breaks, too many bathroom breaks over time can lead to termination. Many Amazon employees have reported that this threat leads to poor working conditions and dissatisfaction with their employment at Amazon as a whole.

Can I Plan My Own Breaks at Amazon?

While you can plan your own ten-minute bathroom breaks and lunch breaks if you work at an Amazon warehouse, supervisors will take note of when you take your breaks, and it should not disrupt the flow of production.

Once again, office employees have a little more leeway when it comes to taking their breaks when it works for them, as their work is more personalized and less of a team activity.

Many employees feel that although Amazon claims you can plan your own break times, there are actually few opportunities to take them as workers are constantly busy and cannot find the appropriate time to step away from their stations.

Amazon Night Shift Break Times

Amazon pays extra to employees working night shifts, and many Americans are taking advantage of the opportunity.

An increased wage is not the only benefit for working the night shift at Amazon, you also get increased break times: Amazon night shift employees receive a lunch break that can vary between thirty and forty minutes and two fifteen-minute breaks.

As with the day shifts, you are allowed to take bathroom breaks as needed without penalty, and you can set your break times yourself as long as they don’t interfere with the general flow of the shift.

How Many Breaks Do You Get in a 12-Hour Shift Amazon?

Typically, Amazon workers will only be assigned a twelve-hour shift if they work overnight. During the day shifts, the longest shift should be ten hours.

If you work a twelve-hour shift at Amazon either overnight or because of overtime, you will be allotted two thirty-minute breaks, and three ten-minute breaks (or two fifteen-minute breaks for the night shift.)

How Long Are Lunch Breaks at Amazon?

Lunch breaks at Amazon are thirty minutes. It is important to note that this thirty-minute break begins the moment you leave your station, so if it takes several minutes to retrieve or purchase your lunch and head to the break room, the actual time allotted to eat diminishes.

Many Amazon employees also have to take their walkie-talkies with them on their lunch break in case they are needed during the break.

Are Amazon Lunch Breaks Paid?

Amazon lunch breaks are not paid. Employees are required to clock out for their thirty-minute break.

In fact, none of Amazon’s breaks are paid, and although you do not need to sign out for a ten-minute break, the time taken will be subtracted from your wages each week.

Once again, this policy has created some backlash for the conglomerate, and employees have complained that unpaid breaks decrease their workplace satisfaction and has even led to several employees opting to pee into water bottles at their workstations so as not to lose money on their paychecks.

Can I Skip Breaks at Amazon and Get Off Earlier?

Because Amazon is being watched by millions of employees and consumers, they are fairly strict about their break policy.

You are technically not allowed to skip your Amazon breaks for any reason, but if, for some reason, you are extremely busy and do not have time for breaks, it does not mean you can get off earlier.

Some employees have found a way around this rule by taking their break just before they are meant to clock out, meaning they don’t have to clock back in before leaving for the day. Although this tactic is frowned upon by Amazon, it is a fairly common practice.


When working at Amazon, the break policy is that every five hours, you are allotted a thirty-minute break, and every four hours, a ten-minute break. For night shifts, the time frames increase to forty-minute lunch breaks and fifteen-minute short breaks. None of these breaks are paid.