What Happens if You Accidentally Stole From Walmart?

On your recent Walmart trip, did you forget to pay at Walmart self-checkout?

Many Walmart customers have found themselves in this same situation.

In this article, we explain what you should do if you’ve accidentally stolen from Walmart.

What Happens if You Accidentally Stole From Walmart?

If you accidentally stole an item from Walmart, you should go back to the store and immediately pay for what you took. Explain to an employee that you accidentally forgot to pay for the item. Walmart will be grateful that you have done this, and you won’t have any issues.


  • If you accidentally stole from Walmart, immediately return to the store and pay for the item.
  • You will not get in trouble for paying for an item you accidentally took.
  • By paying for the item, you will also not have any potential problems in the future at that store.

Forgetting to pay at Walmart self-checkout actually happens quite often..

Keep reading to find out what you should do if you find yourself in this situation!

What Should You Do if You Accidentally Steal Something From Walmart?

If you accidentally stole something from Walmart, you should immediately go back to the store and pay for the stolen item. You can head to Customer Service if you’d like; that way, you can explain your situation.

Clearly state what happened. Explain that you realized you didn’t pay for the items, though you had every intention to. Say you accidentally walked out of Walmart without paying.

Then say you’re there to pay for it again.

By doing this, you help ensure that you stay on good terms with Walmart. While the store may not call the police on you if you’ve stolen something as small as a candy bar, they could see that you stole through their security cameras.

Every time you head to Walmart, security could flag you through these security cameras. They could label you a shoplifter.

Therefore, it’s important to stay on good, legal terms with your local Walmart. If you accidentally stole, make things right by returning to pay for the item!

Will There Be Any Consequences for Going Back to Walmart and Pay?

There will be no consequences for going back to Walmart to pay for your stolen item. Stress that you had no intent to steal that item.

Also, explain that you meant to pay — it was an accident that you didn’t. And then pay for the item.

If you do this, you’ll have no issues! Walmart will be thankful that you chose to pay for the item and will completely understand!

Is There Any Chance That Walmart Will Find Out if You Don’t Pay?

Walmart has security cameras everywhere in its store. So, if you didn’t pay by accident, there is a chance that they could find out.

And once they believe you have shoplifted, this could become evidence for legal retribution. Walmart could also choose to flag you as a shoplifter in their system.

Obviously, you don’t want this. Returning and paying for the item is the only way to ensure this doesn’t happen!


If you accidentally stole an item from Walmart, you should immediately return to the store. Let Walmart know what happened. Then pay for the item that you stole.

Walmart has many security cameras throughout their store, so they can find out if you stole an item, even if it was by accident. And if you don’t come back to pay for the item, they could then label you as a shoplifter!