Does Walmart Have Security Cameras?

While shopping at Walmart, you may have noticed all the security cameras in-store and outside.

Do these cameras actually work? Are they high-quality?

Keep reading to find out.

Does Walmart Have Security Cameras?

Walmart has security cameras throughout its entire store and its parking lot. These cameras use facial recognition software to prevent shoplifting. Walmart’s parking lot cameras are able to see license plates. The purpose of Walmart’s security cameras is to keep customers and employees safe.


  • Walmart has security cameras throughout its entire store, as well as in its parking lot, to try to combat theft.
  • Walmart’s cameras are high-quality and could potentially clearly record the faces of customers, or visibly record license plates.
  • Walmart’s in-store cameras can see most areas of the store, including down most aisles.

Below, we explain everything you should know about Walmart’s security cameras.

Does Walmart Have Cameras in Every Aisle?

While Walmart has never officially come out and talked about its security cameras, they do state that the entire store has security cameras. These cameras are supposed to help stop theft.

These cameras also record footage in case any accidents or crimes happen.

Because Walmart has money to spend on security, you may not even notice the cameras in the store at times. But your local store definitely has them!

Walmart’s security cameras can see down most aisles, saving certain situations. For the most part, each store delegates its security camera situation differently.

For example, stores will find areas of the store where theft is rampant and ensure that there is a security camera facing it. Other areas, as a result, could not have as many camera angles focused on them.

Dressing rooms, bathrooms, and employee break rooms are the only areas that will not have security cameras.

Does Walmart Have People Watching Security Cameras?

Walmart employees and managers may be hired to watch security camera footage — but they aren’t often watching it at all hours of the day, or live.

But this doesn’t mean they aren’t watching it at all. After a day, someone may go through footage — especially the footage of highly trafficked areas — to see if they see anything amiss.

Every Walmart store differs in how they deal with security. Stores that have a lot of theft issues could watch security cameras more so than others.

Can Walmart Cameras Hear You?

While Walmart has never answered this question, there is a high chance that high-quality security cameras at Walmart could record audio. As a result, this could lead to Walmart cameras being able to hear what customers are talking about.

Do Walmart Security Cameras Have Facial Recognition?

Some of Walmart’s high-quality cameras do have some aspects of facial recognition. For example, if you have been banned from Walmart, their cameras could potentially notice you and flag a store member.

It doesn’t appear that all of Walmart’s security cameras have this, though. Only the very high-quality ones!

Because these cameras cost quite a lot, Walmart likely only installs them in stores that deal with a lot of theft. In this way, they’re hoping to tamp down on stealing.

Does Walmart Have Security Cameras in the Parking Lot?

Yes, Walmart does install and run security cameras in their parking lot.

These high-quality cameras were installed to help stop theft, as well as to record any accidents or illegal crimes!

Can Walmart Cameras See License Plates?

Because Walmart’s cameras are so high-quality, the ones installed in parking lots often can see license plates. After all, Walmart installed these cameras in their parking lot for a reason!

Now, certain angles, time of day, and other factors could impact whether these cameras actually truly record license plates. But across the board, it appears that these high-quality cameras may easily see license plates on cars.


In conclusion, Walmart sets up security cameras around their store and outside their store, in their parking lot.

Walmart installs these cameras to try to stop theft, as well as record any accidents or crimes. Because these cameras can see quite a lot, license plates and customers’ faces can be seen in the footage.