What Does “Repackaged” Mean on Amazon? [Full Guide]

Amazon’s excellent delivery service means it supplies customers with various packages. However, Amazon deliveries may sometimes be marked with the information “item will come repackaged.”

This could be confusing and probably leave some customers wondering if all Amazon packages are new. So, what does “repackaged” mean on Amazon?

What Does “Repackaged” Mean on Amazon?

“Repackaged” on Amazon means that the item could still be new but not in its original package. However, repackaged items could also mean a used product put into a new package. An item will come repackaged for better protection when it has cosmetic damage, blemishes, or is missing minor accessories.

When Amazon says an item will be repackaged, it could confuse customers. If you want to find out what a repackaged item on Amazon is, whether these items are inspected, or if there is a return policy on these items (and much more), keep reading.

What Is a Repackaged Item on Amazon?

When Amazon delivers an item as repackaged, it is no longer in its original packaging. This could mean the item is used, but it could still be new.

While a repackaged item doesn’t come in its original cover or box, Amazon ensures the item’s quality before delivering it to you. An item could be repackaged for better protection. Repackaged items on Amazon may cost less than those in their original packaging.

It is possible to return a repackaged product purchased through the Amazon warehouse within 30 days of receiving it. Customers can get a replacement or refund within 90 days of purchase with the Amazon renewed guarantee, which covers refurbished and repackaged products.

What Does It Mean if a DVD Is Repackaged on Amazon?

When a DVD gets repackaged on Amazon, it is not in its original packaging. So, while the disk is the original, it is packaged in a different cover or box than the original.

Repackaged Amazon DVDs typically (but not always) come in a box set for shows. Usually, these are disks obtained from various sources, then collected and packed together.

A repackaged DVD does not make the item fake or illegal. Instead, it means that while the disk is the original, the packaging differs from the original. Sometimes Amazon repackages disks to make them more affordable and easier to ship.

What Is Amazon Inspected and Repackaged?

When Amazon delivers an item that has been inspected and repackaged, it means that while the item is not in its original packaging, the quality of that item has been verified, whether the item is new or used.

This is true for Amazon warehouse deals, for example, where Amazon inspects and groups used products into categories like renewed, used – like new, used – very good, used – good, and used-acceptable. Inspected items (like Amazon Warehouse Deals) often come with a warranty.

Amazon does this directly or with the expertise of an Amazon-qualified performance-managed supplier, especially on renewed items. This is part of Amazon’s Warehouse Product Condition to verify the quality of the items they deliver.

Does Repackaged Mean Used?

Repackaged Amazon items do not necessarily mean its used. Repackaged means the item is in a different box or cover from the initial release.

When an item does not come in its original packaging, it is sometimes cheaper and easier to ship than the ones packaged in its original box or cover.

Amazon offers repackaged goods for sale, obviously at a lower price. While these items could be used, Amazon ensures the quality of the package before repackaging it and shipping it to you. This is also true for electronics or items with delicate parts like a camera.

This YouTube video shows the unboxing of a used – very good camera purchased on Amazon:

Amazon Repackaged Items Return Policy

Customers can return a used or open-box item purchased from Amazon Warehouse, like new products. After the inspection, Amazon will label the general condition of the goods.

Amazon’s Renewed Guarantee Coverage allows for certain renewed products to be returned if they fail to meet customers’ expectations.

Amazon allows returns of items purchased from their warehouse within 30 days of shipment receipt. If the item is classed as renewed, return periods are extended to about 90 days and on Renewed Premium to about a year.

Amazon allows you to report your complaints about a faulty delivered renewed package to them. On returning, you can either request a refund or a replacement.

But what happens to the returned repackaged item? Does Amazon resell it as a repackaged warehouse deal? Some returns are never resold by Amazon either because the item’s condition differs from what was listed or because it could pose serious health and safety risks to customers.

What Items Typically Get Repackaged on Amazon?

There is no restriction on what kind of product can be repackaged by Amazon; almost anything with a box qualifies for repackaging. Here’s a listing of a few categories that are eligible for repackaging.

  • Home Improvement
  • Kitchen items
  • Pet Products
  • Sports
  • Home
  • Office
  • Automotive
  • Camera
  • Wireless
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Business, Industrial, and Scientific Supplies
  • Musical Instruments
  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Fashion


A repackaged item on Amazon is not almost always necessarily used, and it could simply be a new item put in a different package. It is possible to find these new items repackaged due to cosmetic damage, blemishes, and other packaging issues with items inside the box or cover.