3 Reasons Why Walmart Denied Your Return

Did Walmart recently deny your return?

You may be wondering why Walmart wouldn’t let you return an item or if they’ll keep you from returning purchases again in the future.

Below, we explain why this may have happened to you.

Why Did Walmart Deny My Return?

Walmart denies returns because the item cannot be returned (sanitary products, gift cards, etc), or the item is not in good condition or in the original packaging. They can also deny returns if you’ve returned too many items without a receipt in the past year.


  • Walmart denies returns if you’ve returned too many items without a receipt, if the item cannot be returned, or if the item is damaged or not in good condition.
  • For the most part, Walmart has a very generous return policy.
  • Always keep your receipt and return items within 90 days to ensure you get your full refund.

While Walmart does have a generous return policy, customers may still run into issues when trying to return previous purchases.

Below, we explain, in detail, why this could happen to you.

1. You’ve Returned Too Many Items Without a Receipt

Walmart may deny your return if you’ve returned too many items without a receipt in the past year.

Walmart’s return policy allows customers to return items within 90 days of purchase — and with a receipt. However, they know that customers can accidentally lose receipts.

So, they allow customers to return items without a receipt, often for exchanges or store credit. Very rarely do they give cash back in these situations.

While Walmart is generous in this way — many other stores do not accept returns if you don’t have a receipt — they do have a limit to this generosity.

As a result of shoplifting, Walmart denies customer returns if the customer has returned more than three items in the past year. Many people shoplift and try to return the item without a receipt for money, so Walmart is trying to stop this.

When you return an item at Walmart without a receipt, they ask to see your ID. This is how they are able to see how many returns you have in a year.

So, if Walmart denied your recent return, think about how many returns you made in the past year without a receipt. This may end up being why your return was denied!

2. The Item Is Unreturnable

Sometimes, your return may be denied by Walmart if the item you bought cannot be returned. There are some items that just can never be returned, no matter what.

These items include:

  • Sanitary products
  • Gift cards
  • Swimwear
  • Medications
  • Open CDs
  • Open DVDs

If Walmart denied your return, this could be why! You can always ask a Walmart associate or check your receipt for more clarification on this matter.

If any item on your receipt says “Final Sale”, this means that Walmart will not accept a return of the item. The receipt may also reveal more information about their return policy!

3. The Item Is Not In Good Condition

Walmart may also choose to deny your return if the returnable item is not in good condition. For example, if the item does not come in its original packaging at all, Walmart may deny the return.

Walmart may also deny the return if the item has clearly been used — and used a lot. For example, shoes that have scuffs and marks all over them will not be accepted.

Walmart is quite lenient when it comes to returns. As long as there are no outward signs of use, you should have no issue. Returning within 90 days with your receipt may also help matters!

So, if your item has clearly been used, if it’s damaged, or if it doesn’t come in its original packaging, you might have some issues when trying to return it.

If your item came broken or damaged, that’s another issue entirely. Let Walmart know this is the case. You should have no issue after that!


Walmart accepts returns within 90 days of purchase and with a receipt. They do accept returns without a receipt. However, customers can only return items without a receipt up to three times a year.

So, Walmart can deny your return if you have returned too many items without a receipt, the item is damaged or clearly used, or the item cannot be returned.