Can You Return Makeup to Walmart? [Official Policy]

Have you used your recently bought makeup from Walmart only to discover it’s not in the correct shade? Or maybe this isn’t the type of product you were looking for?

Can you return makeup to Walmart, even if you’ve already used some of it?

Keep reading to find out!

Walmart Makeup Return Policy

Customers can return unopened makeup to Walmart for a full cash refund. Returns must come with a receipt and within 90 days of purchase. Opened makeup can also be returned, though only for store credit or in exchange for another equally priced item.


  • Unopened makeup can be returned within 90 days of purchase, with a receipt, for a full cash refund.
  • Opened makeup can be returned within 90 days of purchase, with a receipt, for store credit, or in exchange for another item.
  • Most returns require a receipt, though you may be able to receive store credit without a receipt in some situations.

Below, we explain everything you need to know about the return process of cosmetics.

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Can You Return Makeup to Walmart?

Customers can return unopened makeup to Walmart as long as the makeup comes with a receipt within 90 days of purchase. If your return fits all of these guidelines, you will be able to receive a full cash refund.

What if you don’t have a receipt?

Well, this can vary from Walmart to Walmart. Some managers may allow you to return the unopened makeup without a receipt, though they will only give you store credit. Other managers may not allow any type of refund without a receipt.

Again, this definitely varies. Different customers have experienced different situations. Therefore, it’s essential that you always keep your receipt with you. For an easier return process, always have your receipt!

All cosmetics and beauty products, such as face cream, should also be in their full packaging to receive a full refund.

Some examples of unopened makeup you can return to Walmart include:

  • Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Lipstick
  • Eyeshadow kits

Can You Return Opened Makeup to Walmart?

Walmart allows customers to return opened makeup within 90 days of purchase. However, you will not receive a full cash refund. Instead, you will either receive store credit, or you can exchange your returned item for another equally priced item.

So, if you realize you’ve bought the wrong shade of foundation, you needn’t worry — even if you’ve already opened and used it. You can go to Walmart and return it within 90 days of purchase and with your receipt.

You can then find the correct shade foundation and easily swap them out! 

It does appear that Walmart is a bit more strict when it comes to opened makeup. You’ll likely have to have a receipt when trying to return it. But again, some managers at Walmart may make some exceptions — but not in all cases. So, try to keep your receipt!

What Makeup Cannot Be Returned to Walmart?

For the most part, you can return most cosmetics to Walmart, especially unopened cosmetics. However, some cosmetics and beauty products do have stricter return policies.

Beauty products with stricter return policies include:

  • Nail polish
  • Perfumes
  • Aerosols

These products have stricter return policies because they are products with ORM-D stickers. These products tend to contain some traces or amounts of hazardous materials.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t return these items! Just keep them unopened! You should have no issue returning these unopened products as long as they come with your receipt.

Can You Return Makeup to Walmart Without a Receipt?

Walmart states that you must have a receipt to receive a full refund for any makeup that you return. But does this mean you’ll never receive a refund for returns without a receipt?

Well, every situation is different. Depending on the manager you talk with, you may or may not successfully be able to return makeup without a receipt.

If you don’t have a receipt and you are told you can return the item, you likely will only be able to receive store credit. You may also have the option to exchange the item for an equally priced item. Often, in these situations, you won’t receive a full cash refund!

Is the Return Policy the Same for All Cosmetics at Walmart?

Most cosmetics have the same return policy at Walmart. The only products that have a stricter return policy are those with ORM-D stickers. Nail polish, aerosols, and perfumes are examples of these kinds of products.

You can return products with ORM-D stickers, though they must not be opened, and they must come in their original packaging!


You can easily return your makeup products for a full cash refund — as long as the product is not opened, you have a receipt, and your return is made within 90 days of purchase.

Customers returning opened makeup can also receive store credit or exchange their product for another equally priced one!

You should always have your receipt, as you’ll have a much easier return process. However, you may also be able to return your items without a receipt for store credit.