Is Big Lots Cheaper Than Walmart? [Price Comparison]

Do you want to find out if Big Lots is cheaper than Walmart?

In this article, we will compare the pricing, product quality, and service for Big Lots vs. Walmart.

Is Big Lots Cheaper Than Walmart?

Walmart is usually cheaper than Big Lots, but not by much. Because Big Lots purchases its items in bulk from manufacturers, they offer extreme discounts on discontinued items for short periods of time. On the other hand, Walmart has a larger variety at consistently low prices.


  • Walmart is usually cheaper than Big Lots.
  • Big Lots often offers extreme discounts that make products temporarily cheaper than they are at Walmart.
  • Walmart is known for having better quality and service than Big Lots.

Want to know how Walmart’s pricing compares to Big Lots and why? Or maybe you want to understand which store offers better quality and service?

Either way, the information you need is right here.


When it comes to pricing, the general consensus is that Walmart is usually cheaper than Big Lots.

However, it’s vital to understand that the pricing between the two stores changes from item to item and even day to day.

One day, a specific product will be cheaper at Walmart, and the next, it may be cheaper at Big Lots!

Walmart offers everyday low prices for thousands of products. On the other hand, Big Lots has extreme discounts on discontinued or bulk-ordered items.

If Big Lots places a large order for a specific product, it will likely be cheaper than it is at Walmart while it’s available.

But if you want to save money consistently on the things you need, Walmart is the right choice.

Product Quality

Now, we all know that price isn’t the only factor to consider when deciding where you want to shop.

When it comes to product quality, Walmart certainly comes out on top.

The reason why is that Big Lots purchases its items from manufacturers looking to get rid of as many products as possible. Which often leads to some items falling through the quality cracks.

Although Walmart also buys in bulk, the company is known for paying more attention to the quality of the products it orders.


Finally, let’s talk about service. When it comes to comparing the service between Big Lots and Walmart, the truth is that both stores receive more complaints than compliments.

However, Walmart seems to have better service than Big Lots, if only by a small margin.

There are a few reasons why Walmart is known for having better service:

  • Walmart offers a better return policy than Big Lots.
  • Big Lots employees are not as trained as Walmart’s.
  • Walmart’s customer service team is more helpful than Big Lots.


Big Lots is not usually cheaper than Walmart. Although you can find certain products at an extreme discount, Walmart’s prices are consistently lower.

Also, Walmart is known for having higher-quality products and better customer service.

Overall, you can find some cheap items at Big Lots that are temporarily cheaper than at Walmart, but Walmart is most consumers’ preferred store.