How to Change Amazon Prime to Get the EBT Discount

Amazon offers to those who receive qualifying government assistance the option to benefit from a discounted Amazon Prime membership. Below, we explain how you can change your Prime membership to receive an EBT discount and more!

How to Change Amazon Prime to Get the EBT Discount

You cannot change your Amazon Prime account to get an EBT discount. Instead, cancel your current Prime membership. Then, sign up for the Prime membership, where you can receive an EBT discount. Once you do this, you will have full access to Prime benefits once again, at a discounted rate.

There’s a lot you should know about how you can receive an EBT discount. Keep reading below!

Amazon Prime for EBT and Medicaid Recipients

Amazon offers a discounted Amazon Prime membership to those who receive qualifying government assistance. So, those who have an EBT card or who are Medicaid recipients can get a discounted Prime membership.

According to Amazon, qualifying EBT and government assistance recipients can receive an Amazon Prime discount at $6.99 a month.

To receive this discount, you will need to verify about every 12 months.

How Do I Add EBT to the Amazon App?

Amazon allows those with an EBT card to use it when purchasing items on their marketplace. Amazon only allows this when customers are using the card to purchase qualifying grocery items through their Amazon Fresh delivery service.

Amazon does not accept cash EBT cards. Only those who live in participating cities that have Amazon Fresh delivery services may be able to use their EBT card on grocery purchases.

To add an EBT card to your account, you can add the card during checkout. You can also add the card previously to your wallet on your Amazon account before you checkout.

How Do I Add My EBT Card to Amazon Prime Video?

EBT cards can only be used to purchase qualifying grocery items on Amazon. All regular restrictions EBT cards have are still relevant when shopping on Amazon.

As a result, you cannot use your EBT card to buy anything on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon only allows EBT cards to be used on qualifying grocery items.

This also means that EBT cards will not cover shipping or delivery costs. This will be extra and will be charged to another card that you must add to your account.

However, Amazon does offer free shipping and delivery services sometimes. For example, an Amazon Fresh delivery is free on orders over $35 (over $50 in New York City). Prime members, meanwhile, will always receive free shipping on all of their Amazon orders!

How Do You Know if You Qualify for 50% Off Amazon Prime?

If you receive qualifying government assistance, then you will likely be eligible to receive 50% off Amazon Prime. Qualifying programs include SNAP, WIC, and TANF. Medicaid recipients can also receive 50% off.

To see if you qualify for this Amazon Prime discount, you can see if you qualify here. You will have to input your EBT number, as well as other relevant information. If you do not have this information, you will not qualify for this discount. 

Why Does Amazon Gift a Discount for EBT and Medicaid Recipients?

Those who are a part of government assistance programs such as SNAP and WIC make under a certain income threshold. As a result, they do not have as much money to spend on everyday grocery items.

SNAP and WIC were created to help ensure that everyone can afford groceries and food.

As Amazon sells a lot of grocery items through their online marketplace, as well as through Amazon Fresh and the Whole Foods Marketplace, many people could benefit from ordering groceries through Amazon.

Amazon knows this — and they want to ensure that all can buy items off their website if they’d like to, regardless of their yearly income. Therefore, they offer a 50% discount for those who qualify!

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If you would like to receive an EBT discount, you should first see if you qualify. If you do and you already have an Amazon Prime membership, you will have to cancel it. Then, you can sign up for an EBT discounted Prime membership and receive all Prime benefits.