Does Amazon Prime Give You Free Shipping on Everything?

If you have Amazon Prime, you may be wondering if you get free shipping on all items. Amazon touts that Prime members receive free and fast shipping — but does this mean that every single item on Amazon qualifies? Below, we answer this question and more!

Does Amazon Prime Give You Free Shipping on Everything?

Amazon Prime only gives you free shipping if you are buying from Amazon or from a seller whose shipping is fulfilled by Amazon. Third-party sellers who ship their own orders often do not qualify for free two-day shipping and have their own requirements when you buy from them.

There’s a lot you should know about ordering on Amazon and when you can and cannot receive free shipping!  

Why Do I Have to Pay For Shipping if I Have Amazon Prime?

You may have to pay for shipping when you buy from Amazon, even if you are an Amazon Prime member. Likely, this is because you are ordering something from a seller. Third-party sellers have their own shipping requirements.

Therefore, they may sometimes charge you for shipping. More than likely, you also won’t receive free two-day shipping when you order from a third-party seller. Sometimes sellers do offer free shipping, though!

It really just depends on each seller, as it varies from seller to seller. When you check out, you can see what the shipping situation is, as well as how much it may cost, before you check out.

Is Amazon Prime Worth It if I Only Get It for Free Shipping?

Many people often question whether becoming an Amazon Prime member is worth it or not. This often depends on you. Do you often shop on Amazon? Do you like getting your online orders sooner rather than later?

Because of Amazon’s large marketplace, you can get a variety of items just through Amazon alone. Therefore, so many people have begun to shop there to get fast shipping and items for a good deal.

When you become an Amazon Prime member, you get a slew of great Prime benefits, such as Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music. You don’t have to use these benefits. But they are always included in your membership!

So, if you’re just becoming a member for free shipping, you may wonder if it’s worth it or not. If you order from Amazon often, then yes. It is worth it for the free and fast shipping alone. You’ll almost never have to pay for shipping again and you’ll receive your items quickly!

If you don’t shop often enough on Amazon, then a Prime membership may not be worth it. If you’re only going to use your membership for free shipping, then it’s really only worth it if you actually order from Amazon often!

Is Amazon Prime Getting Rid of Free Shipping?

No, Amazon has no intention of getting rid of free shipping. In fact, quite the opposite! For the last few years now, it has been stated that Amazon is looking to try to decrease shipping times for Amazon Prime members. They want to try to make free one-day shipping more common!

Amazon is known for its quick and free shipping. They’ve always worked to make buying online as easy and efficient as possible for consumers. Free and fast shipping has caused quite a lot of customers to begin shopping at Amazon, too!

Therefore, Amazon has no intention of getting rid of free shipping for Amazon Prime members anytime soon.

Free Shipping Amazon Code

Amazon codes for free shipping change all the time. However, you can always ensure you get free shipping on eligible items by spending a certain amount. Amazon always states a threshold minimum of what your order needs to reach in order for you to get free shipping.

Once you reach this threshold, you will be able to check the Free Shipping box when you checkout! Amazon Prime members, meanwhile, will always receive free two-day shipping on eligible items and orders, regardless of the amount of the order.

What Is the Price for Shipping When You Have Amazon Prime?

When you are an Amazon Prime member, you do not have to pay for shipping on eligible items — regardless of how much the order is. However, you do need to ensure that the items you are ordering are eligible for free Prime shipping.

As we mentioned above, some third-party sellers do not offer free two-day shipping. Instead, they have their own shipping policies. However, you will be able to see this before you order, so you can change to a different seller or item if needed!

Why Does Amazon Give Free Shipping With Amazon Prime?

In Amazon’s earlier stages, the company worked to get online orders to customers as quickly as possible — and as cheap as possible. Over time, this has led the company to create free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members.

A lot of people flock to buy items from Amazon as a result. It’s convenient for customers to receive their online purchases sooner rather than later. Amazon knows this — and this has allowed the company to thrive.

This is why Amazon offers free shipping to its Amazon Prime members. Enough customers buy from them and are members to where this doesn’t necessarily harm them financially!


If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will receive free two-day shipping on all eligible orders. However, some third-party sellers may not offer Prime benefits. As a result, they will have their own shipping guidelines and timeframes that you will have to follow.