Where Does Amazon Fresh Food Come From? [[year] Update]

Amazon Fresh is an online grocery service that Amazon provides so its customers can order their groceries and home necessities from their site or the app and have their packaged products delivered to their door on the same day.

In this article, we will cover everything there is to know about where Amazon Fresh food comes from.

Where Does Amazon Fresh Food Come From?

Amazon Fresh uses warehouses around the country and the world to store food before it is ordered. Once you place an order with Amazon Fresh, the warehouse workers will prepare your packages and send them via truck or plane, depending on how far your home is from the site.

To learn a bit more about how Amazon Fresh works and where the food actually comes from, keep reading! We have everything you need to know right here.

Where Do Amazon Fresh Groceries Come From

Although it might seem strange that your Amazon Fresh groceries come from a warehouse instead of a store, it’s important to remember that the food will still be preserved, organized, and prepared exactly as if you were ordering from a grocery store.

Some of the items consumers are most curious about are meat, produce, and fresh food items. So let’s find out exactly where those come from before arriving at your door!

Where Does Amazon Fresh Meat Come From?

As you now know, the meat you order from Amazon Fresh will arrive at your home from one of their local warehouses. However, it’s important to know where the meat came from before it gets to the warehouse!

Most of Amazon Fresh’s meat products are from their own private label, which means it’s not a brand name you can find in other stores. Their meat is mostly produced and packaged in the United States. Legally, if the meat is produced outside the country, it has to be labeled with its country of origin.

That means you can be selective in which meats you choose, and if you want them to be locally sourced, you can opt for Amazon Fresh meat!

Where Does Amazon Fresh Produce Come From?

Once again, many of Amazon Fresh’s produce options are collected and packaged through their own brand; however, some may be provided by Whole Foods.

When placing your order, you may or may not be able to decide if you want to opt for the private label or the Whole Foods option, depending on if the item comes with a visible label.

Because Amazon is such a huge company, they get their fresh produce directly from the grower or supplier in bulk and preserve it as needed in their warehouses. Luckily, this keeps the pricing on your produce the same as it would be in an actual grocery store!

Where Do Amazon Fresh Shelf Items Come From?

When choosing your items from Amazon Fresh, you usually have a few options for shelf-stable items.

Some of your favorite and well-known brands are available, which can come from anywhere in the country or the world, or you can choose from Amazon’s private label items, which are most often produced and packaged in the United States.

Does Amazon Fresh Come From Whole Foods?

While it can be a little confusing, Amazon actually offers two separate online grocery options: Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market.

When you use Amazon Fresh, all the food you order comes from a warehouse, but some of the products are the same options you can purchase at Whole Foods. Remember, Amazon now owns Whole Foods, so it makes sense that the two businesses use some of the same suppliers.

When you use Whole Foods Market as your online grocery shopping platform, all your food will come directly from Whole Foods.

Other Amazon Fresh Suppliers

Amazon Fresh is simply an online grocery store, and it has literally everything you might find in an in-person store, including the brand names you love.

Amazon works with major suppliers such as:

  1. The Coca-Cola Company
  2. PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay
  3. Kroger
  4. Nestlé

As well as so many more! While most food companies are now conglomerates and offer many brand names within one order, Amazon Fresh uses them all for their supplies!

Where Does Amazon Fresh Food Come From in the UK?

Just like Amazon Fresh in the United States, Amazon has warehouses all over the UK that house the groceries before delivery.

Amazon Fresh UK uses popular brands from the UK as well as some independent merchants to stock their warehouse shelves. While the products are different, the process is exactly the same!

Is Amazon Fresh Good for Groceries?

Overall, most customers of Amazon Fresh are extremely happy with their grocery purchases. Not only does the site have everything you would normally find in a grocery store, but the prices are usually more affordable than in in-person stores.

One of the reasons why Amazon Fresh is so good for groceries is because of their refund policy: If your product is not top-quality or you did not receive an item you ordered, you can simply click on the item online to receive an immediate refund.

Amazon Fresh makes grocery shopping easy! You can select everything you need from the comfort of your home or anywhere you might be on the Amazon app and then select a delivery time to find your food on your doorstep in less than two hours.

Amazon Fresh Meat Quality

Although the prices on Amazon Fresh are usually competitive or even lower than those you might find in a grocery store, meat is often more expensive on the site.

However, this higher price point is because Amazon spends a lot of money on ensuring the meat on Amazon Fresh is great quality and is frozen or refrigerated as needed before delivery.

When you order meat on Amazon Fresh, workers will package it with ice packs to make sure it arrives at its destination, your front door, fresh and safe for consumption!

Amazon Fresh Produce Quality

Amazon Fresh Produce quality is a bit hit and miss. With all products, a bit of investigation is required by the shopper to ensure the product is the correct ripeness for purchase, and sometimes the warehouse workers make mistakes.

Within the many Amazon Fresh customer reviews, most often, users report that their produce was perfect. However, some have complained that their items were mushy or overripe upon delivery.

The good news is, if you receive produce from Amazon Fresh that is not the perfect ripeness, you can simply click on the item you received and request a refund. Amazon will most likely issue the reimbursement without any further questions.

Does Whole Foods Own Amazon Fresh?

Whole Foods does not own Amazon Fresh. In fact, it’s actually the opposite. Amazon, as a worldwide e-commerce site and so much more, owns Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods.

The confusion comes from the fact that you can find some Whole Foods products on Amazon Fresh, but that is because Amazon owns them both and uses many of the same suppliers to stock the in-store and warehouse shelves.

Where Does Amazon Fresh Come From?

You may notice that Amazon Fresh is not available for every address, and this is because the products are packaged and shipped from specific Amazon Fresh warehouses, which are not quite as plentiful as their non-food item warehouses.

Amazon Fresh offers two-hour delivery to Prime members, so the warehouses need to be close by in order to guarantee such a quick drop-off.

As Amazon Fresh grows, more food warehouses are being built, and the hope is that almost every address in the country will have the ability to order from Amazon Fresh in the near future.


Amazon Fresh food comes from a variety of popular brands and Amazon’s own private labels, and they are all stored in Amazon Fresh’s warehouses around the country and the world. When you order from Amazon Fresh, your bags of groceries will be packaged and shipped from a local warehouse.