How to Make Amazon Not Ship USPS

Amazon delivers its packages through its own delivery service, as well as through mail carriers such as USPS, FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Unfortunately, many Amazon customers often have problems when their packages are shipped through USPS.

So, is there anything you can do to keep USPS from shipping your Amazon packages? Keep reading to learn about all the options that you have!

How to Make Amazon Not Ship USPS

If you don’t want USPS to ship your Amazon packages, you can set your orders to be delivered to an Amazon Hub Locker, where you will pick up your packages yourself. You can also call Amazon’s Customer Service to let them know about your problems.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to keep USPS from delivering your packages. But these two options will definitely help! Keep reading to learn more!

Option #1: Use an Amazon Hub Locker

Your first option, and likely the easiest, would be to use an Amazon Hub Locker. When using a Hub Locker, you’re sending your order to a safe place where you can easily pick up your packages. These lockers are secure and housed in a public area.

If you don’t want USPS to ship your Amazon deliveries, as you have problems with the mail carrier actually delivering your packages, this is a great alternative. You can always feel assured that your package is ending up where it needs to be.

This is also a great option if you’re worried that people may steal your packages if they’re left out on your front porch for too long!

Option #2: Talk to Amazon’s Customer Service

While Amazon Hub Lockers are nice, they aren’t for everyone. If you want your package to be delivered to your home — but not by USPS — the only option left for you is to call Amazon’s Support or Customer Service.

If you complain about the various issues you’ve had with USPS, Amazon may flag your account for future purchases. This means that any time you make a future purchase with Amazon, it will automatically choose another carrier (such as UPS, etc.), rather than USPS.

It appears some past customers have had great success when talking with Amazon’s Support and requesting this. Others haven’t necessarily been as successful. However, if you’re having major problems with USPS, giving Amazon a call is one of the only options you have!

Why Is USPS Delivering My Amazon Package?

USPS is one of the main mail carriers that work with Amazon to deliver packages throughout the week. They are also one of the only carriers to conduct Sunday deliveries for Amazon customers!

As a result, many of Amazon’s deliveries are actually done by USPS. Even if UPS or FedEx delivers your package to your door, USPS may have had some hand in shipping your package, as many carriers work together with Amazon to ship packages quickly.

Because Amazon relies on USPS so much to deliver their packages, it’s quite hard to actually get USPS to stop delivering your own personal Amazon packages. Often, USPS is the first choice for many when they order from Amazon.

You do not have a say in who can deliver your order. There is no such option when you are checking out. But, as we mentioned above, if you call Amazon, you might get to have some say in who gets to deliver your packages in the future.

Advantages of Using USPS to Ship Your Amazon Order

While many have issues with USPS shipping their Amazon order, others don’t. Some people don’t have any issues with USPS at all.

Often, this all depends on where you live and what your own personal experience with USPS has been. Some cities have a great mail carrier system, while other cities do not.

Regardless, there are some major advantages of using USPS to ship your Amazon order, such as:

  • Sunday deliveries
  • Constant up-to-date tracking services
  • USPS’ relationship with Amazon

Because USPS and Amazon work so well together, Amazon is always notified immediately by the mail carrier when something is amiss. This is nice to have — as then you can be quickly notified!

Is It Better to Use Other Carriers Than USPS to Ship Amazon Orders?

It does seem that quite a lot of people have issues with USPS rather than other mail carriers, such as UPS or FedEx. However, that’s not to say that there is one mail carrier that is better than the rest.

For example, there are quite a lot of people who have had unfortunate experiences with FedEx and UPS. It seems that for every mail carrier currently working for Amazon, there is somebody who’s had a bad experience with them.

Sadly, this seems to be normal. There isn’t one perfect mail carrier system. USPS does seem to get the most negative feedback, but this could be because the postal service is constantly overwhelmed, possibly more so than the other mail carriers listed here!


If you do not want your Amazon order to be shipped with USPS, you can ship your order to an Amazon Hub Locker. You can also call Amazon’s Customer Service to complain, and they may then change your deliveries in the future.