How to Make Amazon Ship to a UPS Store (Full Guide)

Wondering if UPS Stores will accept Amazon shipments? Well, this depends on a few different factors! In this article, we’ll cover what you can do to make Amazon deliver to a UPS store!

Can Amazon Ship to UPS Stores?

UPS Stores will accept Amazon shipments if you already rent a mailbox at the store and can receive packages there. Non-mailbox customers may be able to receive packages there as long as a contract is set up. Members of UPS-MyChoice can also have packages rerouted to a Store.

This situation can quickly get complex. So, keep reading to learn how you can get your Amazon packages at your local UPS Store!

Option #1: Rent a Mailbox at a UPS Store

The easiest way to successfully receive any Amazon packages at a UPS Store is to already be a mailbox customer at said UPS Store. If you rent a mailbox at the Store, you can receive packages there.

However, all UPS Stores are different. Some may only allow a certain number of packages to be received in your name in one day or week. They’ll only hold so much for you. Others have certain contracts for certain mailbox renters. Double-check to ensure you can get packages!

Often, though, if you rent a mailbox at the store, you can receive an Amazon package. It always helps to check with your local store, though!

This option is the easiest way to get your Amazon orders at a UPS Store. You’ll have no issues, and Amazon will have no issues delivering there.

Option #2: Sign a Contract With a UPS Store

Some UPS Stores also offer contracts for those who are not mailbox customers with them. However, not all UPS Stores offer this. Again, each UPS Store is independently owned, so get in contact with your local UPS Store to learn what they can offer you.

Anyways, you can sign a contract with a Store if you’re not a mailbox customer. This contract basically allows the store to accept and hold a certain amount of packages for you. However, they’ll only accept the packages for a fee — so be prepared for this.

You’ll also only be able to receive packages if you sign this contract before the package arrives. You can’t just send the package there without a contract and think you can make a contract later!

Option #3: Use UPS-MyChoice

If you’re a member of UPS-MyChoice, and your Amazon package is going to be delivered to your home through UPS, then you can choose to reroute your package and send it to a local UPS Store!

UPS will then pay the UPS Store to hold it for you.

However, you’ll have to already be a member, and UPS must be the one to deliver to your home before you’re able to make this choice. Because you often cannot choose the mail carrier that Amazon sends their packages with, this can be a very uncommon choice, as you’ll just rarely have the option to use it!

Does It Cost Extra to Get Amazon to Ship to UPS Stores?

It doesn’t cost extra to ship your packages from Amazon to a UPS Store — but it does cost extra once the package lands at the Store, as UPS will charge you a fee for holding your package.

This extra fee doesn’t come from Amazon. It comes from UPS. You’ll have to pay the fee when you arrive to pick up your package. Get in contact with your Store to learn more about these fees. Many stores don’t have very high fees, but it’s better to know beforehand what to expect!

Can I Use a UPS Store as Shipping Address on Amazon?

If you have a mailbox or a contract with your local UPS Store, then you can use the UPS Store as a shipping address. Again, it’s important to ensure that this UPS Store will actually take your package and hold it for you. By using Options 1 and 2 above, you should have no issues!

Can Amazon Ship to FedEx Stores?

You can get in contact with FedEx Stores to learn the options you have! FedEx does offer their Hold at FedEx locations for those looking to send their packages elsewhere. This will work with any Amazon deliveries you have.

However, not all FedEx Stores offer this service, so it’s important to get in contact with your local store and learn their option. They may also have other options for you that can easily help you send your Amazon packages to their stores!


UPS Stores will accept Amazon packages if you are a mailbox customer or have a contract with the individual store. You might also be able to reroute your package using UPS-MyChoice, which will then direct your Amazon package to a UPS Store instead of your home.