How to Return Amazon Fire Tablet Under Warranty in [year]

Amazon not only provides shopping services, but it is also prominent for its brand products. Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Kindle, and Fire Tablets are products of Amazon Devices.

If you recently purchased an Amazon Fire Tablet and you’re wondering how to return it under warranty, read on!

How to Return Amazon Fire Tablets Under Warranty

To return Amazon Fire Tablets under warranty, go to the Online Returns Center, select Return or Replace, and choose the Fire Tablet in your previous order. Enter a reason for return, print the return label and authorization slip once your reason for return has been approved, and package the item for shipping.

To return your Amazon Fire Tablet:

  • Log in to your Amazon account and go to the “Online Returns Center.”
  • Tap on the “Returns Items” selection to find your order. You can choose “Return or Replace” after you find your order.
  • Select your Fire Tablet from your order history.
  • Pick a reason for the return of the device from the “Reason for Return” section.
  • Prepare the tablet for shipping by placing it in its original packaging.
  • Lastly, print the return label and return authorization. Don’t forget to put the printed documents inside the tablet packaging for return.

How long is the Amazon Fire Tablet warranty period? Does it cover cracked screens? And can you get a refund instead of a replacement? Read on to find out more about returning Amazon Fire Tablets under warranty.

Amazon Kids Fire Tablet Warranty

Like every other Amazon device, the Fire Tablet is covered by a limited warranty. Depending on the product model, the Fire Tablet’s warranties vary from 90 days to 2 years.

During the duration of an active warranty, customers can request that a defective tablet be repaired, replaced, or claim a refund.

Generally, Amazon Fire Tablets are furnished with varying limited warranties determined by the product model. For example, the 90-day limited warranty applies to the Fire Tablet (5th Generation), while the Fire HDX provides a one-year exclusive guarantee.

A worry-free warranty covers the kids’ selection of the Fire Tablet.

The worry-free guarantee for Amazon’s Fire Kids Tablet is the longest, provided with a two-year limited warranty.

You can request a repair, issue a replacement, or claim a refund under the worry-free warranty.

How Long Is the Fire Tablet Under Warranty?

The Fire Tablet warranty generally depends on the Fire Tablet’s product and design.

Amazon offers an array of warranty options for its Fire Tablets. Some of the warranties include:

  1. A One-Year Limited Warranty for Amazon Devices or Accessories. The Fire Tablets under this warranty are:
  • Fire HD 10 Plus
    • Fire HDX
    • Fire HD (fourth or fifth Generation)
    • Fire HD 10 (earlier versions or the 11th)
  1. The 90-Day Limited Warranty covers Amazon Devices and Accessories. The models here are:
  • Fire 7 (earlier versions or the 12th Generation)
    • Fire HD 8 Plus
    • Fire HD 8 (earlier version or the 10th Generation)
    • Fire Tablet (5th Generation).
  1. The Two-Year Limited Warranty: This is known as the worry-free guarantee, and it provides for:
  • Amazon Fire Kids Tablet
  • Fire Kids Pro Tablet

Does Amazon Fire Kids Cover a Cracked Screen?

Since cracked screens are considered user damage, the Amazon Fire Kids’ warranty may not cover cracked screens.

However, users that buy the two-year limited warranty Kids Edition Fire Tablet (aka the worry-free guarantee) can get their cracked screen replaced as the warranty covers this—no question asked.

So, if the worry-free guarantee is active, customers can claim a warranty for a defect in the device, including cracked screens, charging problems, blown-out speakers, etc.

The Fire Kids Warranty applies to defects in hardware functions and quality. But Amazon is not liable to cover damages from customers’ misuse, neglect, commercial use, damage from external repair, accidents, and other external causes.

However, there are situations where hardware issues may occur that are not directly caused by carelessness. For example, some Fire Tablets owners have complained of their screens cracking without the tablet falling on a hard floor. In cases like this, Amazon may tag it as a hardware defect and cover your return or replacement.

Can I Get a Refund Under the Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty?

You can get a refund under the Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty. The warranty for Fire Tablets permits customers to return the device for:

  • a service repair
  • replacement
  • refund.

To claim a refund under warranty:

  • Sign in to your Amazon account and tap on the “Your Orders” tab.
  • Choose “Problems With the Order”
  • Select the problem from the list provided.
  • Click on “Request Refund” and include any comments you may have in the box.
  • Submit your request.

How to Contact Customer Service Regarding an Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon has several customer care tools to assist customers in setting up their Fire Tablets and when they have issues.

The ways to contact Amazon customer service include:

  1. Visiting the customer service on the Amazon website
  2. Using the Amazon online assistant chat on the customer service page.
  3. Calling the customer service telephone number at 1-888-280-4331.

If you need information on Fire Tablets or troubleshooting common issues, go to the digital services and device support. Tap on the Fire Tablet to find answers to questions you have.


The Fire Tablets offer several warranties depending on the model. These tablets can come with a 90-day limited warranty, a one-year warranty, or a worry-free two-year guarantee. As long as the warranty is still active, you can claim the warranty on your Fire Tablet by requesting a repair, replacement, or refund.