Does Amazon Ask For ID? [Amazon ID Policy + FAQs]

Say you’re an 80-year-old man who has ordered a nice bottle of red wine from Amazon. Your wine is being delivered by a delivery driver… will they truly ask you for your ID to ensure you are of age? Keep reading to find out!

Does Amazon Ask For ID in 2022?

If you order age-restricted items on Amazon where you must be older than 18 or 21, the delivery drivers in charge of your delivery are supposed to ask to see your ID upon giving you the package. However, some delivery drivers may not truly do this.

Keep reading to learn more about what past customers have experienced when found in this common situation!

Amazon ID Policy

Amazon sells age-restricted items in various parts of the world, as well as in parts of the United States. Upon ordering these items, you will be informed that you need to be of a certain age. You will have to put in your age, date of birth, and address before checking out.

To ensure that you are of age, Amazon states that they will also need an ID that reflects your age upon delivery of the item. However, any adult may accept this delivery, as long as they show their ID to the driver when necessary. Therefore, it doesn’t necessarily need to be you.

So, you don’t need to worry if you’re not home when your package is being delivered — as long as there is another adult who can get the package, that is.

There are various forms of ID that may be accepted upon delivery as long as they show that your age allows you the purchase that specific item. A driver’s license, passport, or any other photographic identity card that shows your age can be used.

Which Products on Amazon Require ID?

There are many types of age-restricted items for sale on Amazon. Different items are available in different locations in the United States and throughout the world. Therefore, some items (such as alcohol) may be available to buy in some areas but not in others.

This is especially common if you live in an area where you can buy Whole Foods groceries or other items through Amazon Fresh. You’ll be able to buy wine or alcohol. However, you might not be able to in other areas.

Some states also don’t allow the shipment of alcoholic beverages to your front door, so you should definitely see what your local laws are if you’re struggling to purchase alcohol on Amazon!

You’ll always know if you’re buying an item that is age-restricted, where you’ll need to show an ID to purchase. At the very least, you’ll find this out as you’re checking out!

Do You Have to Show ID to Buy a Vape on Amazon?

You cannot buy a vape on Amazon if you live in the United States. Many vape accessories may also be impossible to find.

The same goes for cigarette products. Anything that contains nicotine will not be for sale on Amazon. However, you might be able to find cigarette products, such as cigar cutters or cigarette paper.

Will Amazon Always Ask For ID at Delivery?

While Amazon says that they always require ID when delivering age-restricted items, does this actually mean that delivery drivers do ask to see your ID? Well, this depends on each individual delivery driver!

Let’s evaluate past customers and their own experiences. Across the board, it does appear that delivery drivers do not ask for ID more than they do. Instead, they’ll likely just leave your package at your door, just as if it was a normal package.

This probably happens because many Amazon delivery drivers are very overworked and have quite a lot of deliveries to do in one day. They might feel that they don’t have the time to wait to check someone’s ID.

While so many people experience this, never take this for granted. After all, Amazon delivery drivers are supposed to ask for IDs — so you should always just assume that they will when they drop off your package!


Amazon requires delivery drivers to always ask to see IDs when delivering age-restricted items. However, some past customers have revealed that some delivery drivers do not ask to see IDs when they deliver. Instead, they’ll just leave your package at your door or deliver it without asking.