Does Walmart US Ship to Canada in [year]? [Full Guide]

While prices at Walmart US online are not cheaper than those in Canada, there are often more options to choose from.

So, if you found items on USA that you want to be shipped to your home in Canada, you certainly want to know: Does Walmart US ship to Canada?

Does Walmart US Ship to Canada?

Walmart US does not ship to Canada. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! You can use a third-party shipping service to have items from Walmart US shipped to Canada. But, it is important to note that the shipping prices are quite expensive. Shopping at Walmart Canada is quicker and cheaper.


  • You can use a third-party service to ship items from Walmart USA to Canada.
  • Walmart USA is not cheaper than Walmart Canada, but it does offer more products.
  • Shipping items from Walmart USA to Canada is not usually worth the extra cost.

So, why doesn’t Walmart US ship to Canada? And, if you really want an item from Walmart US, how can you get it shipped to Canada?

These are the questions we will answer right now.

Why Does Walmart US Not Ship to Canada?

Now, Walmart US does not technically ship to Canada. Walmart US only ships to the 50 states of America, as well as any US territories, including Puerto Rico.

But why doesn’t Walmart US ship to Canada?

Well, Walmart doesn’t clearly state why it doesn’t ship to Canada from the USA. However, we can guess that the main reason is that it’s simply too expensive and not worth the effort from Walmart.

Walmart prides itself on offering everyday low prices, and in order to ship internationally, they would either have to raise the prices or lose a significant amount of money.

Another reason why Walmart doesn’t provide shipping from US stores to Canada is that they want to keep Canadians shopping at

Increasing the value of Walmart Canada is important, and the more Canadian shoppers, the better the conglomerate does on the market.

How to Buy From and Ship to Canada

Although prices on are not usually any cheaper than those on, there may be items that are simply only available on (and not in Canada.)

If you found something on and want it shipped to Canada, it is possible! However, you will have to use a third-party shipping service.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, find a third-party shipping service with great reviews. (The best we found was Planet Express.)
  2. Sign up for the service.
  3. Then, the company will email you a warehouse address.
  4. Enter that address as the shipping address on
  5. When your Walmart package arrives at the warehouse, they will send it to your chosen address in Canada.
  6. Usually, you will choose how quickly you want the package to arrive and pay the shipping fee accordingly.

Realistically, due to shipping fees, you will likely pay more for the item from than you would by purchasing it locally in Canada.

However, if you cannot find the items you want in Canada, at least you now have the option to have something sent from Walmart US!


Walmart US does not ship to Canada directly from its warehouses. However, you can use a this-party shipping service that can ship items to Canada.

The shipping service can be pricey, so it’s important to note that when you can buy something at Walmart Canada, you probably should.

But, if there is a product that’s only available in Walmart US, it may be worth the extra shipping cost!