How Long Does Amazon Take To Respond to Job Applications?

Have you applied for a job at Amazon, only to now find yourself waiting to get any type of response from Amazon? A lot of people have been in your shoes. Keep reading to find out how much longer you may have to wait!

How Long Does Amazon Take To Respond to Job Applications?

The time it takes Amazon to respond to job applications varies from a few days to multiple weeks. This often depends on how many people Amazon is currently hiring in that area. If a mass hiring event is ongoing, then it could take a bit longer to be hired.

To learn even more about the hiring process at Amazon, including how long it could take, keep reading!

How Long Does It Usually Take To Hear Back From Amazon After Applying?

On average, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to hear back from Amazon after applying for a job. The timeframe really does vary from place to place and from hiring manager to hiring manager.

The situation regarding why Amazon is hiring could also impact timeframes. For example, if the specific fulfillment center you have applied to is doing a mass hiring event (for the holidays, etc.), then it might take slightly longer than normal for Amazon to get in touch with you.

This is because they just have so many other people to talk to and hire. It’s a long process and it can very quickly be overwhelming. Therefore, just stay calm and check out your application status to see if it has changed at all in the last few days!

Some people who have applied for jobs in the past say that Amazon is quite quick while hiring. Others say that they are incredibly slow. It does appear that it depends on each specific area and hiring manager!

How Long Is Amazon’s Application Process?

To actually apply for an Amazon job doesn’t take that long. With steady internet access, you can easily apply for an Amazon job over on Amazon Jobs. Fill out their online application and you’ll have it fully submitted in less than a few hours!

Once your application has been successfully submitted, your application status will enter the “Application Submitted” phase. Now that you’ve done all the hard work, it’s Amazon’s turn to review your application and see if you are qualified to join the business!

This is where it could take a while. Amazon may take a while to survey your application and then get in contact with you to set up an interview. As we mentioned above, everybody seems to have different experiences when it comes to the hiring process at Amazon!

Does Amazon Respond to All Job Applications?

Amazon does not respond to all job applications, mainly because it would be impossible to. So many people apply for a job at Amazon on a daily basis. Amazon and the hiring managers in charge of applications simply don’t have enough time in the day to respond to all applications.

Does Amazon Let You Know if You Didn’t Get Hired?

This definitely varies. Some people in the past have received emails from Amazon saying that they would not be hired for the position as Amazon has decided to go a different way.

Others have never received an email of this sort and only know they’re not getting hired because they never hear from Amazon again. Once again, it appears that this might depend on the hiring manager or area to which you’re applying!

How Long Does Amazon Take To Respond to Internship Applications?

Similar to the job application process at Amazon, it appears that Amazon can either respond to internship applications very quickly — or not quickly at all. So many people have different experiences!

Because internships are handled differently than regular job applications, some internships may be responded to quicker than normal. However, if you have a date you have to apply for the internship, you likely will not receive any type of response until after this date has passed!


Amazon can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to finally respond to job applications. The overall timeframe to be hired by Amazon can, as a result, vary from person to person, depending on where they’re applying and who their hiring manager is.