Amazon Attendance Policy [year] [All You Need to Know]

When it comes to working at Amazon, there are a lot of pros and cons. Many Amazon employees have reported that they love working for the conglomerate and the many benefits they receive, whereas others have complained that the company is working them to the bone and should change its regulations.

So let’s learn about Amazon’s attendance policy right now, so you fully understand the point system for attendance.

Amazon Attendance Policy [year]

Amazon’s attendance policy states that an employee who arrives late or leaves early will receive either half a point or a full point, and if an employee misses a shift, they will receive a point. These points add up, and if an employee receives 4-8 points, they could be terminated.

In this article, we will find out exactly how this system works, as well as how to check your Amazon attendance points, when the points will reset, and how many points an employee can receive before facing termination. So keep reading; you will be an Amazon attendance policy expert in no time.

How Does the Amazon Attendance Policy Point System Work?

Amazon has received quite a bit of backlash and even a lawsuit for its attendance policy. But before we discuss why the system may be detrimental to its workers, we first need to understand exactly how the policy works.

The Amazon attendance policy assigns points to employees for missing work. If they are late to a shift or leave early, usually half a point is received; however, it could be a full point if it is a holiday. If an employee misses work or doesn’t show up without a valid reason, they will receive 1 or 2 points if it is a holiday.

Now, these points add up. If an employee receives between 4 and 8 violation points at any given time, they are subject to disciplinary action and could be terminated by Amazon.

However, it’s also important to understand that the points only stay in the system for two months from the day the point was given.

How to Check Amazon Attendance Points

How to Check Amazon Attendance Points

In order to ensure you are not in danger of being fired from Amazon for your culmination of attendance points, you should always be aware of how many you have at one time.

To check your Amazon attendance points, all you need to do is log in with your employee information to the Amazon A to Z app and look under the Time menu.

Remember, if you are even a few minutes late or clock out a few minutes early from your shift, you could receive either a half or full point, so it is vital that you check your attendance score in case you received points without knowing it.

Do Attendance Points Reset at Amazon?

The good news is that points do reset at Amazon. Amazon recently changed the policy to apparently improve its employee satisfaction which now states that all points will expire and disappear exactly 2 months after they were assigned.

So that means as long as you don’t rack up between 4 and 8 points within a 2-month period, you are not in danger of being disciplined or fired from Amazon due to the attendance policy.

How Many Attendance Points Cause Termination From Amazon?

There are different reports as to how many attendance points actually cause termination from Amazon. Some argue that only 4 points can lead to termination, while others state that 8 points are required for Amazon to consider firing an employee.

According to federal law, workers are allowed to take sick, family, medical, and pregnancy leave as needed, and some say that Amazon’s attendance policy is violating these laws.

However, Amazon claims that attendance points are only distributed when the employee does not give a valid reason, i.e., sickness or family matters, for their absence, therefore, abiding by the county’s laws.

The bottom line is that if you do accumulate several attendance points at Amazon, you could be terminated, whether it’s against the law or not.

Amazon Attendance Policy for Seasonal Employees

Amazon often hires employees for seasonal jobs during the peak season, holidays and special events such as Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. For short-time employees, you might be wondering if the attendance policy is different than for full-time employees.

It seems that the attendance policy for seasonal employees at Amazon is not different than for full-time employees, which has been a big problem among seasonal and even part-time workers.

Amazon employees have complained that this policy does not allow them to take sufficient sick days, as the law permits, during their short tenure at Amazon without being penalized.


The Amazon attendance policy states that any employee who arrives late or leaves early from their shift can receive a half or full point. Whereas employees who miss a shift without a valid reason will receive 1 or 2 points. If an employee receives 4-5 points, they could be terminated.