How Long Does It Take Amazon to Make a Job Offer?

When Amazon has decided to hire you, how long does it actually take for a hiring manager to make a job offer after an interview? Keep reading to find out!

How Long Does It Take Amazon to Make a Job Offer?

It will take anywhere from a few days to a week for an Amazon hiring manager to send you an offer. You’ll first receive a verbal offer, then an email offer later. If more than a few weeks have passed since your interview, you likely did not get the job.

Keep reading below to learn even more about when you could possibly expect a job offer from Amazon after your interview!

Does Amazon Send Job Offers Over Email or as a Letter?

Amazon first starts with a verbal offer. Your hiring manager will let you know, either immediately after your interview or a day or two later, that they would like to hire you. You can then express your interest in being hired.

You will then receive an email from Amazon that contains a written job offer!

Amazon Job Offer Email

In the email that Amazon sends you, they offer you a job and sometimes will have information about what position you are taking, as well as other essential information that you’ll need for your new job!

This email may not include your start date, which is normal. Just be sure to stay in touch with your hiring manager so that you’re up to date on everything that is going on!

Is It Hard to Get a Job Offer From Amazon?

Amazon is one of the biggest businesses in the world. They have a lot of workers already — but they’re still looking for more. Because Amazon deals with so many packages and deliveries on a daily basis, they are always looking for qualified employees to help them out.

This sometimes does mean that it isn’t necessarily hard to get a job at Amazon. Of course, this really does depend on what job you’re applying for, as well as what your own personal work history looks like.

But because Amazon always needs more workers, they’ll always make it a little easier for many people to apply for and get their jobs! Therefore, it’s not necessarily incredibly hard to receive a job offer from Amazon!

What Is an Amazon Contingent Offer?

An Amazon contingent offer means that you will only get the job if you can pass a background test. If you cannot pass either of these tests, then your job will be rescinded and Amazon will not hire you.

You only have these tests done when you are in the final stages and about to be fully hired. The job offer is already sent. They’re ready for you to head to orientation and start your first day. First, they have to do a background.

Because they cannot hire someone who fails one of these tests, Amazon offers contingent job offers. So, if you fail one of these tests, you will not be hired.

Is a Verbal Job Offer From Amazon Official?

While a verbal job offer from an Amazon employee can help you understand where you are in the hiring process, you should not assume that you are actually hired until you receive a job offer in an email.

When you have that job offer in writing, this is how you’ll know that your offer is official. Hiring managers will often give you verbal job offers, which is traditional when hiring. This is just a nice way of letting someone know they’re hired and should be expecting paperwork in the near future.

Hiring managers don’t want their applicants to wait around and stress about their job — or take other jobs from competitors. This is why many managers will verbally say that someone has a job.

It can take a few days to get all the paperwork together and send the official job offer in writing, so verbal offers can help relieve any of the applicant’s stress. However, only job offers in writing should be deemed official.

Is It Normal for an Amazon Job Offer to Be Delayed?

Every now and then, a job offer could be delayed. As we mentioned above, Amazon works with a lot of people. They hire a lot of people on a daily and weekly basis. Sometimes, they might get behind in the hiring process.

If your hiring manager verbally told you that you are being hired, wait a few days for that email to go through. If a week has passed and you still haven’t seen anything, it won’t hurt to get in touch with your manager to see if something is wrong.

On the other hand, if your hiring manager did not give you a verbal job offer after your interview, this could mean that they’ve decided to go in another direction.

How Long Is a Job Offer From Amazon Valid?

If you have received a job offer from Amazon, you should accept it as soon as possible. After all, they want to hire people immediately and get them to work.

If you, for some reason, cannot start work immediately, tell your manager to let them know. Don’t just wait a week or two to accept, as they might think you don’t want the job!

Is It Easier to Get a Job Next Time I Apply if I Deny Amazon’s Job Offer?

Past applicants have experienced situations where they have had an easier time getting a job after first denying a previous job offer.

For example, if you denied an Amazon job offer six months ago, but now you are looking to work at Amazon again, you could have an easier time getting a job with them! After all, Amazon knows that you are qualified and that you received a job offer previously.

While every situation is different, it does seem as if you may have a slightly easier time getting a job offer from Amazon if you have previously denied them in the past.


It takes Amazon about a few days to a week to offer an applicant a job offer after an interview. An applicant will get a verbal job offer from a hiring manager before they will receive a written job offer through email.