How Long Does It Take for a Review to Post on Amazon?

When it comes to posting reviews on Amazon, things can, unfortunately, become difficult rather quickly. Amazon has many policies to keep customers from posting inaccurate reviews or reviews they have been paid for.

But their policies can sometimes make it difficult for regular, honest people to review a product they liked or disliked! Below, we explain why Amazon does — and how this can impact the timeframe, it takes Amazon to post a review.

How Long Does It Take for a Review to Post on Amazon?

A review could post on Amazon anywhere from 24 hours to a week after a customer submits a review. If you have verified your purchase and have reviewed other items in the past, your review may be posted quicker than others. When your review is posted can vary.

Keep reading below to learn even more about when you can expect a review to finally post on Amazon!

Why Do Amazon Reviews Not Show Immediately?

Some level of reviewing your product review occurs after you submit your review. Amazon is very serious when it comes to its review policies, as they want to ensure that only accurate reviews are being posted.

In the past, sellers on Amazon have been known to offer coupons, discounts, goods, and payments to customers if they leave a positive review. Amazon, in an attempt to curb this, has made the reviewing process quite long in some circumstances.

As a result, you will often not see your Amazon review show up immediately after posting it. When the review finally shows up can vary depending on a variety of different factors. For the most part, though, your review will be in a “pending” mode while it is being checked.

So, Amazon reviews do not show up immediately because Amazon wants to try to thoroughly vet the review as much as possible before it is posted. They only want customers to post — and see — helpful and honest product reviews.

How Do I See Pending Reviews on Amazon?

When you post a review on Amazon, you may see that it is pending. Sellers may also see that there are reviews pending. However, others will not be able to see these pending reviews as they have not yet been verified by Amazon.

There is no way for others to see these types of reviews. Others will finally be able to see pending reviews once Amazon has approved them and they have been posted.

If Amazon hasn’t approved these pending reviews, then the review will not be posted on the product page. It will be denied and deleted — and neither sellers nor customers will be able to view it.

Why Is My Amazon Review Not Posting?

It may take a long time for your Amazon review to post. While some people state that reviews may post within 24 to 48 hours of submitting the review, others have had experiences where reviews don’t post for three to five days.

Some past customers have even had reviews that weren’t published for a week or more! As you can see, many customers have different experiences when it comes to reviewing posting.

Often, it appears that if you are a verified customer and have reviewed on Amazon before, you’ll have your review posted faster than others will. But of course, this won’t be the same for everyone!

If your review hasn’t been posted for longer than a week, then there might be something in your review that has flagged Amazon. They could even be having a person wait to review your post to see if it is okay to publish or not.

Often, you will get a response to whether your review was published or not. For example, if Amazon has rejected your review, they will tell you!

How Much Do You Have to Spend on Amazon to Leave a Review?

To successfully post a review on Amazon, you must have spent at least $50 in the past year. Amazon states that you must have spent this money on the Amazon account that you are looking to leave your review on.

Amazon does this because they want to ensure that real customers are leaving reviews and helping other customers. In the past, people have created accounts on Amazon just to leave reviews for certain sellers. So, Amazon is attempting to keep this from happening again.

Why Won’t Amazon Post My Negative Review?

Amazon states that they accept both positive and negative reviews. However, some past customers feel that Amazon has denied their negative reviews. This could be because the review references the seller or something that has nothing to do with the product itself.

Amazon wants the reviews to only be targeted at discussing the product — and nothing else. So, if your negative review references anything else other than the product, this may be why Amazon is denying the review.


On average, an Amazon review could take anywhere from 24 hours to a full week to post. Depending on the customer, product, and situation, review posting timeframes can vary. Verified customers may often have their reviews posted quicker than unverified customers, mainly because Amazon knows they are real customers.