How Does UPS Pickup Work for Amazon Returns?

In 2022, it’s become easier than ever to return Amazon orders, thanks to UPS’ pickup service. However, problems can arise, and sometimes returns may not be picked up.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about returning your Amazon purchases — and what to do if UPS doesn’t pick it up!

How Does UPS Pickup Work for Amazon Returns?

After informing Amazon that you will return an item through UPS pickup, UPS will arrive the next business day to pick up the package. The package should be taped and ready to mail. The UPS driver will take the package, then leave a receipt.

While using UPS pickup services can be easy, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure everything goes according to plan!

How to Prepare Your Amazon Package for Shipment with UPS Pickup

Your Amazon package must be ready for shipment before a UPS driver arrives to take your package. This means that the item you’re returning should be packaged with the package or mailing item accurately taped closed.

Therefore, your return package will be ready for UPS to pick up once:

  • Return item is packaged
  • Box is taped securely closed
  • Shipping label is printed and attached to the box

If you are given the shipping label to print out at home by Amazon, then you should print it out and attach it to the box to prepare it for shipment. However, Amazon may not offer this to you.

Instead, the UPS driver picking up your package will be in charge of providing the shipping label and attaching it to the box. If this is the case, then you don’t need to worry about providing the shipping label yourself!

Do I Just Leave the Package Outside?

If you feel comfortable leaving your return package outside, then you can do so! If you’re working or plan to be gone during the time when the UPS driver may arrive, then this might be the best way to go.

If you’re expecting new packages to be delivered to your door that day, then leaving a note on the return box is always helpful. A simple note that says “pickup for UPS” will do!

However, if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your return package outside, you definitely don’t have to.

UPS drivers should ring your doorbell when they arrive. They’ll then take your package, attach a shipping label if needed, and leave you a receipt!

Time Schedules for Amazon Return UPS Pickup

Once you schedule a UPS pickup for your Amazon return, you’ll likely receive a timeframe of when your package will be picked up. Often, this timeframe will be a four to five-hour range that correlates to when a UPS driver will be in your area.

These timeframes are often different for everyone. Sometimes, a timeframe may be given that will simply state that your package may be picked up before 5 or 7 pm.

As UPS drivers have a lot of stops they have to make along the way, there really is no way of knowing exactly when your package may be picked up. It often will be within that timeframe you are given, though!

Will the UPS Pickup Driver Call You on Arrival?

No, UPS drivers will, on average, not call you when they arrive to pick up your Amazon return. While this used to be normal many years ago, it doesn’t appear to now be a factor in UPS pick-ups.

However, drivers should ring your doorbell if they arrive to pick up your package if it is not left outside.

What to Do if Your Amazon Return Was Not Picked Up by UPS Pickup

If your return item is not packaged properly — for example, if the box is not taped shut — then UPS will not pick up your item. If you are not home and the package is not left outside, then they won’t be able to pick up your package.

As a result, they will leave behind the shipping label for you on your doorstep. You will then be able to attach this label to your package. However, you will have to then take the package to a UPS drop-off point and mail it yourself.

Often, there is a reason why UPS did not pick up your package. You can call UPS and have them come by your house again the next day for a pick-up — though you’ll often have to pay for this.

If you’re doing everything right, yet UPS isn’t able to pick up your return package for some reason, then calling Amazon and letting them know might help clear up these problems. At this point, however, it might be easier to take the package to a UPS drop-off point yourself!

Alternatives to UPS Pickup for Amazon Returns

While UPS pickup options tend to be the easiest way to return an Amazon order, you do have other options you can choose from!

According to Amazon, you can also return items by:

  • Using drop-off services in your area
  • Dropping off packages at Locker, Locker+, and Amazon Hub Counter locations
  • Using Heavy-Bulky return options and working with a carrier service
  • Using a scanned QR code and returning items at a specific location (such as Kohl’s) without having to package them up


After informing Amazon that you will be returning an item using UPS pickup services, a UPS driver will arrive at your location the next business day. A driver will pick up your ready-to-ship package, attach a shipping label, leave you a receipt, and take your package to mail it.