How Accurate Is the Delivery Date on Amazon? [Statistics]

When you order from Amazon, Amazon gives you a range of when your package could be delivered, often giving you an estimated delivery date of when you will receive your order.

Is Amazon accurate? Or can you expect your package to be delivered earlier — or later? Keep reading to learn more!

How Accurate Is the Delivery Date on Amazon in 2022?

Amazon is quite accurate when estimating when your package will be delivered in 2022. Often, the estimated delivery date is the very latest your package will be delivered — meaning that you’ll likely receive your order earlier than this initial estimation.

Keep reading to learn more about how Amazon calculates its delivery estimations, as well as when you can expect your packages.

How Accurate Is the Estimated Delivery Time on Amazon?

Amazon is quite accurate when they estimate when your package will be delivered right after ordering. More often than not, this initial range or date that they give you is the latest that your package will be delivered. You’ll probably receive your order well before this date!

Of course, once Amazon ships your package to you, there’s a lot that can happen. Delays are common, especially if bad weather causes shipments to not get to their final destination.

However, Amazon does tend to account for worst-case scenarios in its estimations. For the most part, you’re more likely to receive your package earlier rather than later!

How Does Amazon Decide on a Delivery Date?

Amazon calculates its estimated delivery dates by first calculating how long it should take your package to ship and land on your front doorstep. They then add in any potential delays or problems that could occur. They are left with your delivery date estimation!

Amazon also only considers business days and doesn’t often include Saturdays and Sundays unless you have Prime or are paying extra for quicker shipping.

They also take into consideration where you live and how long it will take for a package to reach you in current conditions.

Basically, Amazon thinks of everything — everything that can go right and everything that can go wrong. For the most part, they’re always on target with their delivery estimations!

Reasons Why Amazon’s Estimated Delivery Time Is Sometimes Wrong

Every now and then, you’ll receive a late Amazon package. This doesn’t happen that often. In fact, Amazon has made it a purpose of theirs to limit late deliveries as much as possible!

In January 2021, only 5% of all packages were delivered late. Again, you’re more likely to receive an early package than you are a late one!

However, circumstances can often cause Amazon’s estimated delivery time to be wrong. This can happen because of:

  • Problems with the mail carrier
  • Logistical issues during shipping
  • Stock issues
  • Bad weather

More problems can persist if you’re ordering during peak holiday shopping seasons, when so many others are also ordering from Amazon. Often, delivery drivers will be overwhelmed during this time and might not be able to deliver all packages on time.

However, even if your package is late, it likely won’t be too late. More often than not, packages will only be a day or two late. If they are even later, you can always get in contact with your mail carrier or with Amazon to understand better what’s going on.

Can You Do Anything to Make Amazon Delivery Times More Reliable?

Because Amazon delivery times are already quite reliable, there’s not much you can do to make them more reliable. Paying attention to when you’re ordering may help!

For example, when you’re checking out to order on Amazon, Amazon gives you a little countdown that explains how you should order in so many hours and minutes if you want your order delivered by a certain time. Pay attention to this countdown!

It might also help to order during the week rather than the weekend, especially if you don’t have Prime. This gives Amazon more business days to get your order ready and ship it, whereas ordering on Friday night doesn’t.


Amazon’s estimated delivery dates are often quite accurate. Because Amazon calculates worst-case scenario shipping issues, the estimated date you’re given often doesn’t reflect the exact date you’ll actually receive your order. You’ll often receive your package much earlier than this initial estimated delivery date.