Can Amazon Packages Arrive Early? [Statistics]

When you order from Amazon, you often receive a range of dates informing you of when your package will be delivered. However, as every Amazon customer knows, when your package actually arrives within this range can vary.

Keep reading on to learn all about if your Amazon packages can arrive earlier than expected — and why this can happen!

Can Amazon Packages Arrive Early in 2022?

Amazon packages can arrive earlier than expected, as Amazon calculates longer shipping times on average to account for any potential issues or delays. Packages arrive earlier than anticipated dates often when there are no issues with the stock of your order’s items, as well as no shipping problems.

Amazon’s goal is to get packages shipped to your door as quickly as possible. But does this mean all packages can arrive early? Keep reading to learn more!

How Often Do Amazon Orders Arrive Earlier Than Estimated?

Amazon orders generally do arrive earlier than their initial estimation. Because Amazon always accounts for delays and shipping problems, the first range of dates given can range. However, once your order is ready to be delivered, you’ll get a notification saying it’s out for delivery!

Amazon works to get your orders shipped and to your door as soon as they can. The company has gone a long way in trying to ensure that orders aren’t delayed in arrival. For the most part, they’ve done quite well.

In January 2021, only 5% of all orders were not delivered on time. In comparison, January 2020 saw 11.4% of all late deliveries. The company works to keep late deliveries to a minimum and has thus been quite successful.

More often than not, you’ll receive your package earlier than later. But don’t worry about not knowing when to expect your delivery. Through tracking your order, you can be notified that your package is “Out For Delivery”, which means it will be on your front doorstep by the end of the day!

Packages can arrive early for a variety of reasons. Often, it’s just because there have been no issues with your order. Your order’s items have been well stocked, and the entire shipping process has experienced no delays.

On average, regular Amazon customers will receive earlier package deliveries. Prime customers, meanwhile, already benefit from quick shipping, so it’s less likely that they’ll receive quicker shipping. But it’s not impossible!

Can Amazon 2-Day Shipping Come Early?

As we mentioned above, early deliveries from Amazon tend to be common for those who are not Prime members. As Prime members already receive quick 2-day shipping, they’re less likely to see packages land on their front doorstep earlier than they expected.

However, this isn’t to say that this never happens. In fact, some deliveries could even happen on the same day that you place your order!

Same-day deliveries are available in some areas already for Prime members. These deliveries are available in cities where fulfillment centers are located, which makes it easier for delivery drivers to pick up packages and deliver them in the same metro area on the same day.

Occasionally, you might see your 2-day shipping decrease to one or fewer days if you live in an area that already offers same-day deliveries. Often, you’ll only get quicker shipping if you do live by these fulfillment centers.

Do Amazon Pre-orders Arrive Early?

Pre-orders often arrive on the day the item is released, meaning that Amazon ships it out earlier through their Release Date Delivery process. Therefore, you’ll always receive your pre-order on the day the item is released to the entire public.

But could pre-orders arrive at your doorstep early? Possibly. It’s happened before! Often, this is because local mail carriers deliver your package earlier than expected.

Therefore, on average, pre-orders will not be delivered early and instead will be delivered on the release date of the item.

What Happens if You Are Not Home, and Your Amazon Order Arrives Early?

If your Amazon order arrives early, the delivery driver will leave the package at your front door in a secure location. If you’re tracking your order through Amazon, then you will receive a notification or email explaining that your package has been delivered.

If you have to sign for your package, then the driver might still leave the package at the front door if you are not home. The delivery driver may also choose to leave a “We Missed You” note; you can then expect them to come by three more times in an attempt to deliver.

If you’re worried about receiving an early package when you’re not at home, always be sure to follow your order’s shipping progress through Amazon. This will help you understand when your package is Out For Delivery, as well as when your package is officially delivered!

How to Get Amazon Delivery Early

The timeframe it takes to receive your Amazon package depends on a few things:

  • Your location
  • Seller’s location
  • Closest Amazon fulfillment center
  • Stock of order items
  • Ease of shipping

Therefore, there’s no surefire way to try to get your package earlier than expected. Often, if you order an item that is in full stock and have no problems with shipping, then you’ll get your package earlier than expected.

All of this is, unfortunately, out of your hands. However, there are a few things you can do. Understanding where your item or your seller is located is a great first step.

If you’re buying an item that has a few different sellers, try to choose the one that’s closest to you. Often, this means choosing a seller in your area or country!

Amazon deliveries, on average, will arrive earlier than the first expected date Amazon gives you. But if you’re really worried and want your package sooner rather than later, paying extra fees for quick or overnight shipping is always the best way to go!


Amazon packages often arrive earlier than expected, especially if your order’s items are in full stock and if there are no shipping problems. The date range Amazon gives you of when to expect your package often considers any delays or problems that may occur. Receiving early packages is, therefore, common.

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