Does Amazon Ship to the Philippines? [Full Guide]

Amazon is certainly the world’s largest online marketplace, but many people don’t know that Amazon ships to over 100 countries! That means that if you move to one of the many fantastic places in the world, you can still order from Amazon and have your favorite items delivered to wherever you are.

So let’s find out: Can I order on Amazon and deliver it in the Philippines?

Does Amazon Ship to the Philippines?

Amazon does ship many of its available items to the Philippines. Although you may have to pay an extra shipping fee depending on the item and where it is being sent from, most items on Amazon can be sent to the Philippines in 14 days or less.

In this article, we will answer everything there is to know about what Amazon can ship to the Philippines, how much it will cost, and even how long your packages will take to arrive. So keep reading; you are going to be an expert on Amazon in the Philippines in just a few minutes!

How Long Does Amazon Take to Ship to the Philippines?

Now that you know that Amazon ships to the Philippines, you’re probably wondering how long it would take to receive your package in the Philippines.

It’s quite challenging to say how long it takes Amazon to ship to the Philippines because it depends on the item itself and, more importantly, where it’s being sent from.

Amazon states that standard shipping to most countries in Asia, such as the Philippines, can be as fast as 20 days, whereas Priority shipping can be as fast as 8 days. However, most users have reported that while a 2-week expectation is standard, it could take longer for Amazon to ship to the Philippines.

Overall, whether you are living or staying in the Philippines or you are sending a package to a friend, you give Amazon plenty of time to ship your items.

Is Amazon Shipping to the Philippines Free?

Is Amazon Shipping to the Philippines Free

Amazon does not offer free shipping to the Philippines.

Whether you order from Amazon’s Global Marketplace or you simply add your address in the Philippines to your Amazon account, you will have to pay a shipping fee to get your items delivered.

How Much Is Amazon Shipping to the Philippines?

How much it costs for Amazon to ship your package to the Philippines will depend on the item itself as well as where it is being shipped from.

Amazon does not give a distinct price point for how much it will cost to ship to the Philippines; however, the site does offer a table that states the minimum payments for items shipped to Asia.

  • Standard Shipping: Starting at $5.99
  • Expedited Shipping: Starting at $10.99
  • Priority Shipping: Starting at $13.99

Before you make a purchase on Amazon to be delivered to the Philippines, Amazon will let you know how much the shipping costs so you can decide whether or not it’s worth the extra price tag or not.

Is There Amazon in the Philippines?

Many countries around the world have their own version of, such as Germany, France, and dozens of others. The setup is essentially exactly the same, but with various preferences that suit the residents of each country.

Now, you might be wondering, is there an Amazon Philippines website? While you can sign into in the Philippines, there is not technically an Amazon site specific to the Philippines.

But that doesn’t stop residents of the Philippines from being able to enjoy Amazon and all its benefits! Whether you created your Amazon account in the Philippines or in the USA, you can sign on when in the Philippines on

Is There an Amazon Facility in the Philippines?

Amazon has several facilities in the Philippines. In fact, the site has warehouses, customer service centers, and even local data centers to gather analytics for Amazon Web Services.

While many of the facilities are in the capital city of Manila, there are also some centers outside the metropolitan center.

So when people ask, does Amazon deliver to the Philippines, you now know that Amazon not only delivers to the Philippines, but they also have several employees and offices there!

Is There Amazon Prime in the Philippines?

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and wondering if you can get the same benefits you receive from your subscription while you’re in the Philippines, the answer is kind of complicated.

While you will still be able to use your Amazon Prime membership to enjoy watching Prime Video and listening to Prime Music, the songs, movies, and TV shows will be different from those available when you’re located in the United States.

The other aspect of Prime memberships, the two-day free delivery, is not available in the Philippines. You will always have to pay a shipping fee when ordering from Amazon to the Philippines.

Import Fees Amazon US to the Philippines

Amazon customers who purchase items that are sent from the US to be delivered to the Philippines will need to pay import fees.

How much these fees cost depends completely on what the item is. When you place an order with Amazon, the site will estimate what the import fee will be and charge you at that time.

After the delivery is made, the courier will report back to Amazon with how much the import fee actually was, and if it was less than the anticipated amount, Amazon will refund you the difference.

Amazon Philippines Return Policy

All Amazon customers are entitled to the same return policy: You may return an Amazon item sent to the Philippines within 30 days of the shipment date if the product is damaged, different from its description, or even if you simply didn’t like it.

Because it can take longer for the item to be returned to the Amazon fulfillment center and your refund will not be initiated until the item arrives, it may be a while before you get your refund, but as long as the product arrives as you described, Amazon will return the money to you.

Whether or not you have to pay for the return shipping will depend on the item. Often, Amazon will send a prepaid shipping label to your email that you can print and attach to the box, but for other items, you may have to pay for it yourself.


Amazon does ship to the Philippines. You can order through Amazon’s Global Marketplace or add an address in the Philippines to your Amazon account to find out which items are available to be sent there. It will usually take about 14 days for Amazon to be delivered to the Philippines.