Someone Keeps Stealing My Packages From Amazon [Solved]

Are you struggling to get your packages in your apartment building, as someone keeps stealing them? Unfortunately, whether you live in an apartment or a home, stealing packages has become a major issue. So, what are you to do if someone takes your Amazon order?

Keep reading to learn the options that you have!

What Can I Do When Someone Keeps Stealing My Packages From Amazon?

If someone keeps stealing your Amazon packages, you should contact the police and file a report. You should also contact Amazon and let them know that your packages are being delivered, yet they are going missing. Finally, you can find an alternative shipping method to receive your packages. 

There are a few more things you should know if you’ve found yourself in this situation! Keep reading below!

1. Contact Amazon Support

If someone keeps on stealing your packages, you should definitely get in contact with Amazon Support. You should do this after the first package is stolen to see if you can be refunded, or to see if you can get that item sent to you again.

However, if this keeps happening, Amazon may begin to investigate your situation. They may flag your account if you have too many refunds. Therefore, it’s always best to try to get a handle on this situation as best you can — which can sometimes be next to impossible.

Unfortunately, those that live in apartment buildings can have a really hard time with people stealing their packages. You might also want to let your landlord or those that run your apartment building know what’s going on, too.

2. File a Police Report

If you continue to have your packages stolen, you should definitely get in contact with the police and file a police report. Someone stealing your packages is a crime!

If you live in an apartment building where this is happening, other neighbors of yours are likely also going through this situation. If they aren’t, you don’t want to wait to act, as someone could start stealing your neighbors’ packages, too.

Therefore, it’s always best to let the police know what is happening — especially if your apartment building or complex seems to not want to do anything about it.

3. Find an Alternative Delivery Method  

Unfortunately, if someone continues to steal your packages, so much of this is out of your hands. If you work all day, how can you stop someone from stealing your package? It’s difficult, to say the least.

To begin with, you should start with the first two steps. However, until you get this situation figured out, you don’t necessarily have to stop ordering from Amazon. Instead, you just need to change where you send your packages to be delivered!

Therefore, finding an alternative delivery method is highly recommended. Using Amazon Lockers is one of the best ways to keep your package from being stolen, as you’ll be the only one with access to your package.

You could also become a customer at a UPS store or another shipping store where you can send your packages to be delivered. In this way, you’ll always know that your packages are safe until you can pick them up yourself!

Who Is Responsible if Someone Steals My Package From Amazon in an Apartment Building?

In this type of situation, Amazon always seems to take the blame — even if they really aren’t to blame at all. This is because Amazon is a customer-oriented business. If you tell them that your package was stolen, they’ll refund or replace that package for you.

In reality, the blame can sometimes lay with the mail carrier who was in charge of delivering your package. Mistakes can happen — and sometimes delivery drivers might accidentally drop your package off at the wrong location.

Of course, if someone is stealing your packages in your apartment building, there is nobody to blame but the person stealing your packages. But again, Amazon will often work with you to replace or refund your item!

Can I Get a Refund From Amazon for a Stolen Package?

If your package was delivered, yet you cannot find it anywhere, you should first start by getting in contact with Amazon Support. Let them know what happened. They will work with you. As we’ve mentioned above, Amazon always works with customers.

Often, they’ll easily give you a refund or work to send you a replacement of your package, free of charge.

However, it should be noted that if you request refunds too often, then Amazon could flag your account for suspicious activities. You cannot have too many refunds or returns in a certain timeframe.

So, if you have someone stealing packages at your apartment building, it’s probably best to try to find another area where you can deliver your packages. Amazon Lockers are great options in this scenario!


If someone keeps stealing your Amazon packages, you can get in contact with Amazon Support to begin the process of refunding or replacing your package. You can also file a police report. Finally, you should look for another delivery alternative to keep your packages safe.