Amazon Basics Batteries vs. Duracell [Are They as Good?]

Choosing the best AA batteries can be a difficult task. Amazon Basic batteries have received a lot of excellent feedback, with over 82% of buyers awarding them a 5-star rating.

However, you might wonder if Amazon Basics batteries are as good as Duracell. Here’s a quick review of Amazon Basics batteries.

Amazon Basics Batteries vs. Duracell

The Amazon Basics battery discharge rate using a charge analyzer was 1382 mAH (Mili Amp Hours) and lasted 301 minutes. The Duracell quantum produced 1850 mAH lasting 405 minutes. However, the price of the Amazon basics, with the highest mAH per penny, makes it the AA battery with the most value.

It never hurts to obtain good value for your money, especially when it comes to batteries. And one of the AA battery options is the Amazon Basics battery. Continue reading to find out how Amazon Basics batteries compare to Duracell, how long they last, and much more!

Are Amazon Batteries Good?

Amazon Basics batteries are great for your Amazon devices. They have a high capacity, long life, and low self-discharge. They don’t leak or rust, so you can use them without worrying about damaging your device.

Here are some of the alkaline AA battery options you can find under Amazon Basics:

  • Amazon Basics Rechargeable Performance
  • Amazon Basics Rechargeable Standard
  • Amazon Basics Alkaline Standard
  • Amazon Basics Alkaline Industrial

Like other AA batteries, Amazon Basics batteries are an excellent choice for your appliances or any Amazon device. They’re known for their long shelf life and high capacity, making them perfect for powering your device on the go.

Amazon Basics has gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who have purchased them. In tests where these batteries are placed in solar lamps that have undergone multiple charge-and-discharge cycles, they had a significantly higher percentage of rated charge capacity than other brands.

Amazon turned over a 99% charge after a year of use, and the only battery to come in higher was the Duracell, with about a 102% charge rate after a year.

After 42 days of storage testing where these batteries were kept without use, Amazon batteries outperformed notable brands. This time, it beat even the Duracell battery in having one of the lowest daily self-discharge. This means that Amazon batteries can store charges longer than most other AA batteries.

During these 42 days, the Amazon Basics battery had only lost 7% of its charge. While Duracell, IKEA LADDA, Harbor Freight, EBL, and other higher capacity batteries had lost between 10-13% of their battery charges.

However, like all alkaline AA batteries, Amazon Basics batteries are not rechargeable, so you’ll need to purchase new ones from time to time.

How Long Do Amazon Basics AA Batteries Last?

The shelf life of the Amazon Basics AA 1.5 Volt, Alkaline High-Performance Cells in a Pack of 48 batteries is ten years. These batteries are not rechargeable.

If the Amazon batteries are purchased and then left unused, it will take around 600 days, or two years, to completely deplete the battery without using it.

However, some Amazon AA batteries are rechargeable (The NiMH batteries). You can use these rechargeable batteries repeatedly without having to throw them away. For rechargeable options, check out Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries.

Do Amazon Basics Batteries Come Charged?

The Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries arrive fully charged and ready to use immediately. You can recharge the rechargeable options up to 1,000 times with little power loss, resulting in a gradual self-discharge.

You can rely on Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries as these batteries can retain up to 80% of their charge for 24 months without use. The batteries suit many everyday gadgets, including digital cameras, remote controllers, toys, and spotlights.

Though the package and look of the batteries may differ, Amazon remains committed to providing quality service with its Basics batteries.

Who Makes Amazon Batteries?

Amazon Basics batteries are one of the Amazon Basics offerings for everyday things used in your home, office, and other places. With an ever-expanding range, the Amazon Basics brand is poised to become a part of your daily convenience for electronics and lifestyle products.

But it’s somewhat unclear where these batteries are made. Like most Amazon operations, there is operative secrecy about Amazon’s operations. The best reports are located in West Java, Indonesia, where workers carefully build batteries for Fujitsu, a Tokyo-based technology corporation and an unpopular supplier for Amazon Basics.

Unlike Amazon’s distribution centers, which are easily identified because of the company’s black-and-orange emblem, nothing on the outside indicates that an Amazon Basics item is manufactured here.

Amazon Basics batteries are made primarily from fossil fuels and can only supply less than 1% of the energy consumed to make them. When all emissions are included, a battery-powered item has a more significant carbon footprint than a piece of wall-plugged equipment.

Amazon Basics Batteries vs. Energizer

Regarding AA batteries, there is no shortage of marketing hype. This seems to be the case, especially when people compare Amazon’s Basics batteries with Energizer batteries.

One way to settle this with a charge analyzer is to discharge the batteries. To do this, you need a charge analyzer that drains all the energy in both batteries. Typically, the discharge rate is set to 300 mAH (Mili Amps/Hour).

The Energizer came out better than Amazon Basics batteries, lasting 411 minutes and producing over 1888 mA (Milliampere). The Amazon basics produced 1382 mA and lasted 301 minutes. The Energizer lithium beat the regular Energizer and Amazon Basics battery, lasting 723 minutes and producing 3317 mA.

While it’s easy to conclude that the Energizer is the better battery, the Amazon Basics battery was the only battery under a penny to give these results, making it the most valuable battery at that price.

Amazon Basics Batteries vs. Rayovac

When the same testing with the Energizer was repeated on a Rayovac, it lasted 347 minutes and produced 1589 mA. Again, this discharge testing was done at 300mAH. When it was reduced to 100mAH, the Rayovac lasted 1205 minutes and did 1844 mA.

The Rayovac seems a popular consumer choice, finishing better in a consumer report test than the Amazon basics. Rayovac finished at 85%, while Amazon finished at 71%.

However, compared to other batteries like the Dollar General and Habor Freight, the Amazon Basics battery is much better and gives you your money’s worth.

Amazon Basic Batteries vs. AC Delco

While some customers think the Amazon Basic batteries are an excellent choice, others believe that the AC Delco is a better battery. Amazon batteries, unlike AC Delco, have far superior packaging and are not often delivered in the same giant size as the AC Delco batteries.

The shelf life for both batteries remains probable, with the Amazon Basic battery lasting longer. However, this largely depends on how often these batteries are used and if they are ever recharged.


Amazon Basics battery discharge faster than Duracell batteries during use. However, Amazon Basics batteries store their charge longer than Duracell batteries when not in use. The Amazon Basics battery will last longer if you don’t use your batteries much, and it has the highest mAH per penny, making it the most valuable AA battery.