Does Walmart Fix Watches? [All You Need to Know]

Are you looking to have your watch fixed or repaired?

Walmart has often been a go-to for customers with this issue, as they used to offer low-cost services for watch repair.

Keep reading to find out if Walmart still offers to fix and repair watches in [year].

Does Walmart Fix Watches?

Unfortunately, Walmart no longer offers services to fix and repair watches. Instead, Walmart offers DIY kits to help you repair your own watch at home. If you’d like professional help, you can go to a jeweler or a department store like JCPenny or Macy’s.


  • Walmart no longer offers watch repair services in [year].
  • Walmart does offer kits and DIY packages to help you repair or fix your own watch at home.
  • You can head to stores like JCPenny, and Macy’s, or to jewelers to have your watch repaired.

In this article, we explain why Walmart no longer offers watch repair services — as well as where you can go instead!

Does Walmart Fix Watch Bands?

Unfortunately, Walmart no longer fixes watch bands. It appears that Walmart stopped offering watch repair services because there simply was no large demand.

So, instead of training employees in this area, they instead trained employees in other, more in-demand, areas.

While Walmart doesn’t offer this service, this doesn’t mean they don’t offer any type of help. At the store, you can find DIY kits to help you fix your watch band! The price and variety of these kits will vary from store to store.

If you would like this service done professionally, you can also head to your local jeweler. Department stores such as Nordstrom also tend to offer watch band repair — and this service can sometimes be free!

However, always check with your local department store to inquire about what they offer. Services (and prices) may vary by location!

Does Walmart Repair Watch Glass?

Walmart no longer repairs watch glass.

However, they do offer watch repair DIY kits. With these kits, you can safely repair your watch’s glass at home!

If you would rather have this done professionally, you can always stop by a local jeweler. Oftentimes, the best and only place to go in this situation is a jeweler.

The price of watch glass repair can vary, depending on your watch and the glass used. Obviously, the more expensive the watch and the glass, the more expensive the repair will be. If the glass needs to be repaired in a major way, this could also increase the price.

On average, watch glass repair costs anywhere from $30 to $200. This can vary depending on where you go, as well!

Does Walmart Do Watch Overhauls?

Walmart does not offer watch overhauls. Often, this service can only be completed by a trained professional who knows what they’re doing. Therefore, no kits are for sale at Walmart for this service.

Jewelers are the best place to go for watch overhauls. If you have an expensive watch, ensure you take care of it by taking it to a good jeweler.

Watch overhauls can vary in price, depending on where you go and what type of watch you have. Again, the most expensive the watch, the more expensive a watch overhaul may be.

As a result, watch overhauls can cost anywhere from $100 to even $1000. It really just depends on who made your watch and what it’s made of. More expensive pieces will always be more expensive when you service them!

Does Walmart Never Offer Watch Repair?

Walmart previously offered watch repair services. However, as of 2022, this service was stopped because of a lack of demand.

This doesn’t necessarily mean this service will never come back to Walmart. But as of right now, it doesn’t appear as if Walmart has any plans to do this.

Now, some past customers stated that, even though Walmart does not offer these services anymore, they have still gotten their watches repaired at the store. Often, it appears that these repairs were minor, or the battery was simply replaced.

However, this does not mean that your local Walmart will offer these services. Even before Walmart quit this service, many customers had a hard time finding an employee in the jewelry department to help them. 

Therefore, you may find an employee willing to help you fix your watch if they know what they’re doing. But Walmart does not train these employees in this, so proceed with caution.

In the best-case scenario, you may find a trained Walmart employee who has worked in the jewelry department for years — and during the previous years that Walmart offered this service. They may know what they’re doing.

But always proceed with caution. If you have a particularly fine or expensive watch, definitely go elsewhere to have it fixed!


As of 2022, Walmart no longer offers watch repair services. Instead, you can head to your local department stores, such as Nordstrom, to have your watch band fixed.

For more extensive watch repairs, always head to your local jeweler!