Does Amazon Deliver to Hotels? [Full Guide]

When traveling, it’s always nice to be able to order online and receive packages at the hotel you’re staying at, when needed. But does Amazon truly deliver to hotels? And will hotels accept these packages for you? Keep reading to find out!

Does Amazon Deliver to Hotels in 2022?

Amazon delivers to hotels, and hotels will accept your packages. Ensure that your name (or the name of the person staying at the hotel and receiving the package) is correct on the package. Also, make sure that the package will arrive on, or near, the days you’re checked in.

There’s a lot you should know about ordering packages while you’re staying at a hotel. We jump into all the details below!

How to Get Amazon to Deliver Your Order at a Hotel

If you’re looking to receive an Amazon package while you’re staying at a hotel, you must:

  • Ensure that the name on your package is the same as the name used to check into the hotel
  • Make sure the hotel address is correct
  • Schedule the delivery around the dates when you’ll be checked into the hotel
  • Give the hotel staff a heads-up that you’ll be receiving a package

First, let’s talk about using the correct name when ordering. If you’re ordering a package for someone else, make sure to use the name used when they check into the hotel. Many hotels won’t accept packages unless they actually have that person staying there, which they’ll check.

You’ll also want to make sure the hotel address you’ve used to ship your package to is correct. You’d be surprised at how many people accidentally get this wrong!

It’s also nice to try to schedule the delivery of your package around the dates when you’ll actually be checked into the hotel. Some hotels will not accept your package unless you’re currently staying with them. Other hotels may accept them, but only a day or two early.

Therefore, it does help to let the hotel staff know that you’re expecting a package. This also gives you the opportunity to learn what their policy is regarding mail and packages, which will help ensure that you actually get your Amazon order! 

Will the Hotel Charge a Fee to Receive Your Package From Amazon?

Most hotels will not charge a fee to receive your package from Amazon — but not all. There are, unfortunately, some hotels that will always charge a “holding” fee for any mail that guests may receive. This isn’t common, but it does happen.

Therefore, it’s always best to learn more about the hotel you’re staying at. Talk to the hotel staff and ask them about their mail policy. Learn if they charge a holding fee or not. Some may just charge a holding fee if the package arrives before you’re a guest checked in!

On average, you won’t have a problem with hotels accepting your packages. Most hotels are incredibly accommodating when it comes to this — and many will even give your room a call when the package arrives to let you know!

Will Amazon Deliver to Your Hotel Room?

No, Amazon will likely not deliver to your actual hotel room. Instead, they’ll take the package to the front desk area and give the package to the hotel staff there. The hotel staff, as they know what room you’re in, will then let you know you have a package.

Often, this means the hotel staff will be the ones to call you after the delivery and let you know you can pick it up. They’ll hold it for you at the front desk.

What Happens if the Amazon Delivery Is Late, and You Are No Longer Staying at the Hotel?

If your Amazon delivery is late to your hotel, and you’re no longer staying there, things can quickly get complicated. In this situation, it’s always best to stay in contact with the hotel and see what the best option may be.

This could vary depending on each situation. The hotel may just send the package back to the sender (Amazon), which would allow you to cancel the order or resend it to a different address, though you’ll also need to work with Amazon in this situation.

Some hotels may be generous enough to hold the package until you or someone picks it up if you’re able. The main goal here is to talk with the hotel staff — mainly the manager — to learn what options you have.

Amazon Delivery to Grand California

Let’s look at a few specific situations now. Does Amazon deliver successfully to Grand California? Yes!

Many customers and hotel guests have successfully been able to order from Amazon while staying at the Grand California, especially where Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods delivery services are concerned.

The staff will easily take the package for you and then let you know when it’s delivered. The only time you’ll actually be needed during this process is if you’ve ordered alcohol. Other than that, it’s really easy!

Amazon Delivery to Aulani

Deliveries to Aulani have also proved to be successful for past customers. Again, it’s important to just let the hotel staff know that you’re expecting a package. However, once they receive the package, they’ll hold it until you come to pick it up! Plus, it appears they won’t charge you!

It’s also worth mentioning that shipments to Hawaii will take longer than average — and certain items can’t be shipped there. Just pay extra attention to what you’re ordering, as well as when it will arrive, and you’ll have no issues!


Amazon does deliver packages to hotels, as long as hotels accept them. Hotels will often accept packages for checked-in guests, then hold them until guests pick them up. Some hotels may even hold packages for guests who have not arrived yet, as long as they know beforehand.