Does Amazon Deliver in Bad Weather? (Rain and Snow)

Amazon has an excellent delivery system. However, even this giant e-commerce and logistics company may sometimes have their schedules disrupted by bad weather.

If there have been a lot of storms and snow, you may wonder if Amazon will deliver an order. So, does Amazon deliver in bad weather?

Does Amazon Deliver in Bad Weather?

Amazon does deliver in bad weather. Amazon does, however, not deliver packages in terrible weather, especially if the highways are closed. If there’s light to moderate rain or snow, Amazon will deliver your package and help you protect the package from rain or snow.

Extreme bad weather can affect Amazon’s excellent delivery system. If you’re curious whether you’ll still receive your Amazon package despite lousy weather or whether Amazon will protect your package from exposure to weather damage, keep reading.

Does Amazon Deliver in the Snow?

Amazon has a reputation for always working to deliver packages on time to its customers. If it is apparent from the weather that the storm is not severe, your package will be delivered promptly.

Deliveries are only delayed when heavy snow can hamper truck movement. There is no point in being outside under such extreme weather conditions; more often than not, the delivery truck can get stuck in the snow.

Trying against all odds to deliver in snow storms can put the driver’s life at risk and also cause damage to the truck. Plus, Amazon will have to spend additional to tow stuck vehicles out of the snow, further adding to the delay in delivery.

Amazon closes its services during extreme weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall, to prevent this. But you can rest assured that you will get your package as soon as the weather improves.

Does Amazon Deliver in the Rain?

Yes, Amazon can deliver your package in the rain, except if a storm makes it impossible.

Amazon also partners with delivery companies to deliver its packages to its customers.

Not only will your package be delivered as scheduled, but they will also ensure the packages don’t get damaged by the rain on delivery.

So, on a typical rainy day, don’t be surprised to see an Amazon delivery driver at your door. Here’s a YouTube video of an Amazon delivery driver delivering packages in the rain:

Under What Weather Conditions Will Amazon Not Deliver?

Amazon prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers by making sure to give their best and not disappoint customers who use its services.

However, even the best companies cannot cheat nature. And on days with severe weather conditions, Amazon may not deliver your package on time.

There are weather conditions in which Amazon delivery drivers are told to close deliveries until it is safe to go out. During these weather conditions, it is most likely that the roads and highways will be closed down and already preventing deliveries.

Customers are urged to understand the exceptions and exercise patience with their packages. Here are some weather conditions under which Amazon will not deliver a package.

  • Hurricanes
  • Heavy snows
  • Flooding
  • Blizzards

Does Amazon Protect Packages From Rain?

Amazon not only delivers in the rain but also helps protect packages. A bad package is no package, and neither is a damaged one.

Amazon ensures that packages are left in a safe place where they will remain dry. If a place could expose a package to damage by rain, Amazon protects them by placing them in a plastic bag or wrapping them in plastic.

Are Amazon Packages Waterproof?

It is normal to be concerned about the state in which you will receive your package from Amazon, especially in bad weather conditions.

Amazon delivers in the rainy season and has a policy that instructs delivery drivers to wrap packages in plastic bags to prevent water from causing damage. So, while Amazon packages are not waterproof, the delivery drivers make efforts to make sure they’re not ruined in the rain.

Delivery drivers are trained to leave the package in a covered area to ensure that your packages won’t get soaked on a rainy day. This is part of Amazon’s protective measures for you to receive your package in excellent condition.

Will Amazon Leave My Package in the Rain?

Amazon will not leave your package out in the rain. Most times, the delivery driver will look for a safe and covered place to drop your package, regardless of whether it is raining.

A plastic bag is used for protection if the driver sees a safe place not well protected from the rain to prevent water from damaging the package. Amazon Prime Members get free Amazon key in-garage delivery.

In cases where the package is too large to be kept in a plastic bag, the delivery drivers try to keep the package in a place protected from the rain.

However, there are cases where delivery drivers are inconsiderate and keep packages in the rain, as seen here:

It’s important to note that these drivers don’t represent Amazon’s professional delivery service.


While Amazon offers exceptional delivery services, it may be impossible to deliver packages in severe weather conditions like heavy rain, snow storms, floods, etc. This is especially true when the roads are closed. And where delivery in bad weather conditions is possible, Amazon’s drivers will protect your package from damage.