Can You Buy Alcohol on Amazon if You’re Under 21?

Sometimes, it’s just easier to buy everything online. So, why wouldn’t it be easier to buy alcohol online on Amazon? But can you even buy alcohol on Amazon — and what are the age restrictions? Keep reading to find out!

Can You Buy Alcohol on Amazon if You’re Under 21?

You cannot buy alcohol on Amazon if you’re under 21 years of age. Amazon does offer the purchase and delivery of alcohol in different parts of the US. However, they require clear identification of age prior to purchase and will need to see an ID upon delivery.

There’s a lot you should know about purchasing alcohol on Amazon — and we explain it all below.

How to Buy Alcohol on Amazon

Amazon does offer the purchase of alcohol to their customers, though everyone around the US might not be able to. This is because some states still have laws prohibiting the delivery of alcoholic beverages to your front door.

So, if you’re unable to find out why you can’t buy alcohol while on Amazon, check with your local laws. This may be the case!

There are a few different ways you can buy alcohol on Amazon. These include:

  • Buying alcohol through Amazon Fresh deliveries
  • Buying alcohol by going to Amazon Go locations

Depending on where you live and what’s in stock through your Amazon Fresh options and Amazon Go stores, you could have either a very large stock of alcohol to choose from… or a very small one. It differs from location to location!

On average, you will have quite a lot of different types of alcohol to choose from. Wine, liquor, beer, and other forms of alcohol will be able to be bought, depending on what’s in stock in your area.

Alcohol Delivery Rules on Amazon

As you may have expected, Amazon does have rules on who can buy alcohol. If you buy alcohol through and use an Amazon Fresh delivery service, you will likely need to reveal your date of birth before you check out.

Then, when the delivery driver arrives to deliver your package, they will ask to see your ID.

If you’re ordering from Amazon Go and will pick up the alcohol yourself, you’ll still need to show proof of your age. IDs will be checked before you can even enter the alcohol section.

In all cases, your IDs must not be expired. Drivers’ licenses, passports, US Armed Forces ID cards, and any government-issued photo ID card that has your date of birth on it will be accepted.

How Does Amazon Verify Your Age When Buying Alcohol?

Amazon can verify your age when you buy alcohol off the site in a variety of different ways. The most common ways include you:

  • Providing your date of birth when checking out
  • Showing your ID to a delivery driver when receiving your package

These are the two most common ways that Amazon will verify your age when you’re attempting to buy alcohol. Likely, you’ll have to do both before you actually receive your order — so don’t be surprised when this happens!

Is It Illegal to Buy Alcohol on Amazon if You’re Under 21?

Online purchases of alcohol are only legal if you are 21 or older — not if you’re under 21. Therefore, you should not be attempting to purchase alcohol on Amazon if you are not of the legal age to buy it.

Does Amazon Always Check to See Your ID Upon Delivery of Alcohol? – Experiences From Reddit

While Amazon requires their delivery drivers to check the ID of anyone who has ordered alcohol, does this actually happen? Analyzing past customers’ experiences can help inform us of what delivery drivers actually do.

While Amazon does require it, many delivery drivers actually do not ask to see your ID upon the delivery of an age-restricted item. They may instead just leave the package at your front door without seeing you at all, or they’ll give the package to you without asking to see your ID.

This likely happens because many delivery drivers have so many packages they must deliver in one day — and waiting around to verify your identity could take a lot of time that they don’t have.

While past customers often state that this happens, you should not assume that it will happen to you. After all, Amazon does have a policy — and many delivery drivers may also stick to it, even while others don’t!


You can buy alcohol on Amazon if you are over the age of 21. You must also live in an area that offers the sale and delivery of alcohol. Purchasing alcohol on Amazon is often done through Amazon Fresh deliveries or visits to Amazon Go locations.