Walmart Car Battery Warranty Without Receipt [Full Guide]

Want to return a car battery you bought at Walmart but realized you lost the receipt?

Don’t worry; in the next few minutes, you will know if you can return a car battery to Walmart without a receipt and a whole lot more.

Do You Need a Receipt to Use Your Walmart Car Battery Warranty?

You don’t need a receipt to use your Walmart car battery warranty. All car batteries bought at Walmart have a 1-4 year warranty found on a sticker on the car battery. If the car battery is eligible and the warranty hasn’t expired, you can exchange it for a new one.


  • You can use the Walmart car battery warranty without a receipt.
  • The car battery is not eligible for exchange under the warranty if the owner caused the damage.
  • Every Walmart car battery has a slightly different warranty time frame.

Keep reading if you want to know what is covered in Walmart’s car battery warranty, as well as how long you have to claim it. 

We will step through how to claim your Walmart car battery warranty right here.

What Is Covered by Walmart’s Car Battery Warranty?

Firstly, you need to understand what is actually covered by Walmart’s included car battery warranty to find out if yours is eligible for exchange.

  • Corrosion
  • Battery Leakage
  • Battery Will Not Charge
  • Battery Does Not Start the Vehicle
  • Battery Is Bulging

Now, it’s also important to learn what problems the warranty provided by Walmart does not cover.

  • The battery was damaged in a car accident.
  • The battery was destroyed after being left out in inclement weather.
  • It short circuits after you’ve self-installed it.

Essentially, the car battery is eligible for exchange if it breaks or is damaged through no fault of your own.

How Long Is the Warranty on Walmart Car Batteries?

Next, you need to know how long you have to make a claim for Walmart’s car battery warranty.

So, here’s where it gets a little tricky because every car battery at Walmart comes with a slightly different warranty timeline.

In general, most Walmart car battery warranties last between 1-4 years. However, you certainly need to know how long the warranty is for your battery.

Here are a few of the most popular Walmart car batteries and their warranty times:

The price of the batter always includes the warranty. And if you spend more on a more powerful battery, you also get a longer warranty from Walmart.

And the other good news is that you don’t have to memorize the various warranty times.

When you purchase a car battery from Walmart, it always has a sticker on the top of the battery that states when the final day of the warranty is.

How Do I Claim My Walmart Battery Warranty?

Finally, let’s find out how to actually claim the warranty if you have a dead car battery or one that’s damaged due to circumstances outside your control.

  1. Bring the battery to your local Walmart Auto Care Center.
  2. While it doesn’t have to be the same one you bought it at, the exchange will be easier if you do. And that’s because the associate can scan the barcode on the battery and pull up your original receipt if you lost it.
  3. Then, tell the Walmart Auto Care employee what is wrong with the battery.
  4. Remember, if you inflicted the damage, it is not eligible for exchange under warranty.
  5. Finally, you can leave with a new, identical car battery for no additional charge.

That’s all there is to it! As you can see, filing a claim for your Walmart car battery is incredibly easy.

However, you should understand that warranties on Walmart car batteries only cover exchanges for an identical product.

If you want to return the car battery and get a refund, you need to do so within 90 days of the original purchase.


Even if you lost your original receipt, you can still use the warranty that came with your Walmart car battery.

Luckily, the warranty expiration date is on a sticker on the top of every car battery Walmart sells. 

However, the car battery is ineligible for exchange within the warranty if the owner inflicted the damage.

To claim your exchange within the warranty, simply head over to your local Walmart Auto Care Center and speak with an associate. Then, you will walk out in moments with a new identical car battery for no cost.