Does Walmart Have a Lost and Found? [Full Guide]

Wondering what happens if you lose something at Walmart?

Whether you’ve lost your bag, groceries, or wallet, it’s essential to understand Walmart’s lost and found policy so that you know how to receive your lost items.

Below, we explain what you can do!

Does Walmart Have a Lost and Found?

Walmart has a lost and found where they safely and securely store items that customers or employees may have lost. To receive your lost item, go to the Customer Service desk and explain your situation. You may have to prove that you are the owner of the lost item.


  • You can receive your lost item at Walmart’s Customer Service desk.
  • Walmart may keep lost items for up to 90 days, though every store has a different policy.
  • To reclaim your lost item, you will need to show that the item is yours (proof of address, ID, etc).

If you’ve lost something at Walmart, don’t worry.

With these steps below, you’ll be able to reclaim your lost or missing item!

Walmart Lost and Found Policy

While there is no company-wide lost and found policy, every store has an area where they safely keep any item that a customer may have accidentally left behind. Walmart will keep any lost items until someone comes to claim them.

On average, it appears that Walmart will hold these lost items for about 90 days — though every store may differ in this timeframe. Once the 90 days have gone by, they may work to return the lost item in another way.

For example, they could mail a lost driver’s license back to the address on the ID. If money was lost, Walmart might choose to donate the cash after these 90 days have passed, as well.

What Should You Do if You Lose Something at Walmart?

If you lost something at Walmart, first start by heading to the Customer Service desk in the store.

Tell them your situation and how you believe you may have lost an item.

The Walmart employees there will then check the lost and found to see if any item matches the description you gave. You may have to prove that you own the item. For example, a detailed description of a lost phone (or you calling the phone) could prove that it is yours.

If you have lost your credit or debit card, showing your ID and matching the names on each card should help you prove that the card is yours.

If you have lost your ID, your picture should be enough to convince Walmart that it is yours. You may also have to clearly state your full name and date of birth. In extreme circumstances, you may also have to provide proof of address to finally receive this ID.

Walmart Lost and Found Phone Number

Walmart does not have a lost and found phone number.

If you have lost something at your local Walmart, you can call your local store and ask to speak with Customer Service.

You can use this store finder to get more information about your local Walmart.

Can You Claim an Item You Forgot but Purchased at Walmart?

Let’s say you just bought groceries. You go home to find that you’ve forgotten a bag back at the store. Can you return to Walmart and tell them what has happened?

Yes! You can reclaim your forgotten groceries that you previously purchased at Walmart earlier that day. Just go to Walmart’s Customer Service area with your receipt and clearly point out the items that you forgot.

Sometimes, an employee may see the forgotten groceries in a cart or left behind elsewhere. They could have just brought this to the customer service desk, as they know that it was accidentally left behind.

Showing your receipt will allow Walmart to see what you forgot. You should then have no issue reclaiming these groceries!


Walmart does have a lost and found policy that allows them to safely hold any item that a customer or employee may have accidentally left behind.

Customers can go to the Customer Service desk and explain their missing item to then receive it!