How to Get Your W2 From Amazon as a Former Employee

Are you a former Amazon employee who has a lot of questions regarding your tax information, your W2, and what Amazon is supposed to send to you? Don’t worry! We’re here to help! Below, we answer all of the questions that you may have about this topic!

How to Get Your W2 From Amazon as a Former Employee in 2022

If you are a former Amazon employee, you can receive your W2 through the mail, as Amazon will mail it to you at the beginning of the year. You can also go online on your Amazon ADP account or request a transcript from the IRS.

Keep reading to learn even more about what you can do to receive your W2 from Amazon as a past employee!

1. Wait For Your W2 To Come By Mail

Amazon, just like all other businesses in the United States, is required by law to mail you your W2 at the beginning of the year. Therefore, you should always receive your W2 by mail — unless other circumstances get in the way of this.

Federal law requires that all businesses mail current and past employees their W2s before January 31st. So, if you have not received your W2 by this date for whatever reason, you could follow the other methods we have listed here. 

2. Log Into Your Amazon ADP Account

As a former employee, you should still have access to your Amazon ADP account. If you have not received your W2 by mail, or if you have misplaced it, you can log into your Amazon ADP Account. Your W2 will be linked to your account here.

As a result, you will be able to print it out or save it to your computer or device!

3. Call Amazon HR

If you’re having trouble accessing your Amazon ADP account and have not received your W2 by mail, then it wouldn’t hurt to get in contact with Amazon HR. They will be able to help you out. They could help you gain access to your ADP account so that you can see your W2.

They may also resend your W2 by mail or another method. Getting in contact with them sooner rather than later, however, is always a good idea!

4. Call the IRS

If you cannot obtain your W2 from the above methods, the only other option you have is to call the IRS. You can request a transcript of your W2, which they can then send to you. However, you should definitely do this ahead of time so that you have enough time to file your taxes!

When Will My W2 From Amazon Be Available?

Federal law requires all businesses in the United States to send out W2s by January 31st. Therefore, this is the last day that you may receive your W2.

However, you should give it a few days if you haven’t received your W2 by mail by this time, especially if the 31st lands on a weekend. Mail can be tricky and can often arrive late.

You can also go online to your Amazon ADP account to see your W2 by this time, as well. Amazon may have it uploaded earlier, and they’ll likely notify you if this is the case. However, they’ll definitely have it up by the 31st of January!

How to Access Your W2 From Amazon Online

If you would like to access your W2 online, you should first start by logging into your Amazon ADP account. You will then be able to access documents related to your account — and then open and download your W2 file.

What Should I Do if I Still Haven’t Received My W2 From Amazon?

If you still haven’t received your W2 from Amazon, you can always try calling HR and see if they can help you out.

If you’re having trouble getting in touch with Amazon, gaining access to your online account, or getting your W2 in any other way listed here, then your best bet would be to get in touch with the IRS and request a W2 transcript.


If you are a former Amazon employee, you will receive your W2 by mail by January 31st. You can also go online on your Amazon ADP to see this document. Contacting Amazon HR or the IRS can also help you get your W2 before you file your taxes.