Does the Billing Address Show on Packages From Amazon?

We’ve already talked about how nothing gets sent to the billing address when ordering from Amazon. But what happens if you send a gift to someone? Will your billing address who up then? Keep reading to find out!

Does the Billing Address Show on Packages From Amazon?

Your billing address does not show up on packages from Amazon. If you are sending a gift, it might show up on a slip of paper if you choose to include a gift receipt. Therefore, don’t include a gift receipt and inform Amazon not to include your billing address.

There is so much more you should know about sending gifts from Amazon — and we’ll explain it all below!

What Does an Amazon Gift Receipt Look Like

An Amazon gift receipt is just a little slip of paper that will arrive in the delivered Amazon package. This gift receipt is great for customers who may want to return the items they were gifted.

Sometimes, those who bought the gift may choose to put a message or their name on the gift receipt so that the receiver knows who sent them the package.

In the corner of the gift receipt, customers can see a QR code. When scanned, this QR code will allow the receiver to see more about their gift, if possible. This QR code is also used if the receiver is looking to return the items they were gifted.

Does the Amazon Gift Receipt Show the Order Date?

Amazon gift receipts may end up showing the order date at the very bottom of the gift receipt. You might be able to ask Amazon to take it off if you’re given the option upon checkout. However, sometimes it does appear that the order date will always be included.

Other customers have also stated that they haven’t had the order date show up on a gift receipt. If you’re really worried about it, you can always try to either get the order date taken off or don’t include a gift receipt at all.

Do Amazon Gift Receipts Show Names?

Sometimes, Amazon gift receipts may automatically show the gifter’s name and billing address. However, you don’t have to worry, as Amazon does give you options to tailor what this gift receipt actually says!

Say you don’t want to include your name or billing address. Well, you can just inform Amazon that you would like your name and billing address not to be included on the gift receipt! You could also choose to send a gift without a gift receipt to keep this from happening.

You can also add little notes on the gift receipt to the person that you’re sending this gift to. If you’d like the Amazon gift card to be anonymous, you don’t have to include your name. You can just say the gift is “From a Friend” or something similar.

Where Is the Order Number on an Amazon Gift Receipt?

The order number on a gift receipt can be found at the very bottom of the gift receipt, under the QR code. It will say Order ID. This Order ID can then be used by the receiver of the gift if they are looking to return any of the items in this order.

Amazon actually allows gift receivers to return items they’ve received as gifts — and all without the person who bought them the gift ever knowing. This is why gift receipts and order numbers are so important.

With the order number, the receiver can then do whatever they want with the order, including return it. Gift receivers may also do this by scanning the QR code that is also attached to the gift receipt.

This QR code can reveal a lot of information, as well as help start the return process for those looking to return the items that they were just gifted. Without this QR code or Order ID, it could be very hard — if not impossible — to return these gifts. 


While billing addresses do not show up on packages from Amazon, they could be included in gifts. Ensure your billing address is not included by either not including a gift receipt or by informing Amazon that you don’t want your address included on the receipt.