Amazon Says “Arriving Today by 8 pm” When Not Shipped – Why?

Tracking your order through Amazon can quickly become confusing — especially once problems begin to arise. For example, what does it mean when your package says that it’s arriving later today… only it hasn’t yet shipped?

Don’t worry. We’re here to help clarify some things. Keep reading to learn what you can expect in this situation!

Why Does Amazon Say “Arriving Today by 8 pm” When the Order Has Not Been Shipped Yet?

If your Amazon order has not yet been shipped, yet Amazon is saying that it is “Arriving Today by 8 pm”, this could mean that you live near a fulfillment center, allowing your package to ship and be delivered on the same day. Logistical malfunctions could also be to blame.

There’s a lot you should know about this type of situation, as it can quickly get complex. Keep reading to learn more!

Can I Expect to Receive My Order From Amazon by 8 pm When It’s Not “Out for Delivery”?

In many situations, you can expect to receive your order from Amazon by 8 pm, even if it doesn’t say “Out for Delivery”. If you live next to a fulfillment center, then this could definitely happen.

However, if 5 pm or later hits and your order status still doesn’t say “Out for Delivery”, then you probably won’t get your package before 8 pm.

If you don’t live near an Amazon fulfillment center and your package says it will be delivered by 8 pm, only it’s not “Out For Delivery”, then you likely won’t receive your order by the end of the day. This may be a logistical error on Amazon’s or a mail carrier’s part.  

Often, you shouldn’t expect your package unless you see that your order is “Out For Delivery”. This means that your order is currently on a delivery truck and on its way to you.

Sometimes, though, the mail carrier that currently has your package could not have scanned your package at a certain interval. Things can get very confusing when this happens. So, it’s always best to just try to be patient and see how the day progresses.

Eventually, you’ll either get your package by the end of the day, or the mail carrier will correct itself and a new update on your tracking page will let you know exactly when you can expect your package to be delivered!

However, if you live by a fulfillment center, a package could possibly not even be shipped — yet you’ll still receive it at your doorstep by the end of the day. This is because it’s much faster and easier for delivery drivers to deliver packages when a fulfillment center is nearby!

Will the Package Still Arrive Today, Just After 8 pm?

Sometimes, especially during peak holiday seasons, Amazon delivery drivers will drop off packages after 8 pm. This really just depends on individual circumstances, though.

More often than not, if you haven’t received your package by 8 pm, you likely won’t get it until the next day. This could mean your delivery driver had too many packages to deliver and couldn’t make it to your home in time.

If your package hasn’t yet shipped, yet it says that it will arrive by 8 pm today, you likely will know if you’ll get your order by 5 or 6 pm. If your package isn’t “Out For Delivery” by this time, you likely won’t receive it.

As we’ve mentioned above, mail carriers could mess up the entire tracking process by not scanning your package at certain intervals.

It’s always best to just try to stay patient in these moments as you wait for your package. But if it hasn’t arrived by 8 pm, it likely won’t until the next day.

Will Amazon Compensate Me for a Late Delivery?

If you’ve paid for express shipping and received a package delivered late, you can always call Amazon to see if they will compensate you for this late delivery. They will likely only compensate you for the delivery charges.

However, in most other situations, they will not compensate you for late delivery. You can always put in a complaint if needed.

Is Amazon or the Courier Responsible for a Late Delivery?

This depends on who is in charge of delivering your package. It could be Amazon’s delivery service or another mail carrier. Often, your package will go through different mail carriers until it lands in your possession.

If your package is late, this often is because of the delivery driver and mail carrier who has your package. If you are confused about where your package is, you can always call the mail carrier who has your package to learn more information.


If your order hasn’t been shipped yet, Amazon says it is “Arriving Today by 8 PM”, this could mean you will receive it today, as you live near a fulfillment center where this is possible. This could also be a logistical mistake, which means you’ll receive it later.

You can also receive messages for other time frames. Read about those here: Arriving Today by 10 pm From Amazon – Why Not Shipped Yet?