Why Doesn’t Amazon Charge Right Away? [Full Explanation]

When you place an order with Amazon, you may not see a charge on your card right away. This has certainly caused confusion among the company’s customers, but Amazon has given a clear-cut reason why they don’t always charge right away.

Does Amazon Take Money Right Away?

Whether or not Amazon takes money right away depends on what items you order. If they are being shipped via Amazon, the company will not charge your card until the item has shipped. If your order is being sent from a third-party retailer, you may be charged immediately.

If you want to learn a little more about when Amazon does take payment, why they don’t always charge right away, and when they will charge your card, everything you need to know is right here!

When Does Amazon Take Payment?

When Amazon takes your payment is dependent on several factors. It’s important to note that Amazon has already saved your card information, so realistically, they can charge whenever they need to.

Amazon takes payment either when the item has been purchased or when the item is actually shipped. Usually, when you order an item from Amazon’s hundreds of warehouses, the payment will be taken when the item is shipped, but if you purchased an item from a third-party seller, the payment is taken right away.

Keep reading to learn when Amazon charges for pre-orders.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Charge Right Away?

After placing an order with Amazon, the company does not always charge your card right away. Although it can be confusing, and you may wonder if the order has actually been made, Amazon has reported that there is a very simple answer to why they don’t charge right away.

Amazon does not charge right away when you have purchased items from their warehouses so that they can first ensure they have the product you are looking for.

Remember, Amazon has your card information on file, so they do not need to worry that you won’t pay for the items once they are shipped. Therefore, in order to promote customer satisfaction and efficiency, they first check to see if the items are ready to be shipped before taking payment.

Does Amazon Charge Before Shipping?

Although Amazon claims that they do what they do for the consumer, the truth is that in many states, it is actually illegal to charge before shipping, which is really why Amazon often doesn’t charge before shipping.

This law was made to ensure fraudulent companies do not charge the customer and then never actually ship their items. Amazon, of course, is one of the most reputable online retailers on earth, and although most people don’t worry that Amazon is going to steal from them, they still have to follow the rules like everyone else.

When Does Amazon Charge Your Credit Card?

While you can use a variety of payment options on Amazon, a credit card is one of the most popular. It’s vital to understand that when Amazon charges, your card does not depend on the type of payment option, i.e., debit, credit, or even gift card.

The answer to “when” Amazon will charge your card is completely dependent on the seller and the timing of the shipment.

When Does Amazon Charge Your Debit Card?

Once again, there is no specific time frame for changing a debit card versus another form of payment.

When your card is charged will depend on whether you are purchasing an item from Amazon (who will wait until shipping to charge) or from a third-party seller (who will usually charge your debit card right away.)

When Does Amazon Fresh Charge Your Card?

Amazon Fresh is a new grocery store offering from Amazon that allows you to purchase your food and home essentials either in-store or online.

You can use the app to order what you need and either pick it up in a nearby store or have it delivered within two hours.

Amazon Fresh charges happen right away because there are no extended shipping times. Your packages will be available for pick up or delivery right away.

Does Amazon Charge You if a Product Is Out of Stock?

If you have selected an item for purchase on Amazon that is out of stock, you essentially have two options.

  1. You can select to order the item anyway. In this case, you will be charged when the item is back in stock and has shipped.
  2. You can cancel your order. If the item has already been charged to your card because it was sold by a third-party seller, you will receive a refund. If Amazon had not yet charged your account as they were waiting for shipment to initiate, you would not be charged.

Essentially, Amazon will only charge you for a product that is out of stock if you choose to wait for the delivery until it is in stock.


Amazon typically charges your account when the items you purchased have actually shipped, which is why you sometimes don’t see the charge right away. If you have ordered items through a third-party seller, you will probably be charged right away.