Why Does Amazon Keep Saying “Payment Revision Needed”?

After ordering on Amazon, have you received a “Payment Revision Needed” message? What about a “your attention is required to continue processing one or more orders on this page”?

Keep reading below to learn why this happens, as well as what to do if you need to revise your payment method!

Why Does Amazon Keep Saying “Payment Revision Needed”?

Your Amazon order may say “Payment Revision Needed” if something has gone wrong with your payment. This could happen if your payment failed, if your bank declined your payment, if your card information was wrong, or if you refreshed the website page when ordering on Amazon.

Below, we explain in detail everything you need to know about this common situation!

What Does “Payment Revision” Mean?

After ordering, if you’ve received a “Payment Revision Needed” message, this means simply that you need to revise your payment method. Something has happened that has stalled the order processing — and it has to do with how you’ve paid.

There are a variety of reasons why this may have happened, and we explain this all below. However, this tends to mean that your payment failed in some way. This could simply be an accident. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your card has been declined.

If you’re very confused about this situation — and if your order will not get out of this “Payment Revision Needed” phase regardless of how many times you try to fix it — then it never hurts to give Amazon Support a call. They’ll be able to clarify what is wrong.

Why Does Amazon Say “Payment Revision Needed” When I Still Got Charged?

Sometimes, you may have already been charged — yet Amazon is still saying that your payment needs to be revised. First, it’s important that you check your Amazon account and your orders to see if this message also pops up there.

Unfortunately, scammers are known to send emails saying that your payment method needs to be revised — and then they give you a faulty link to enter all your bank information.

So, to ensure that Amazon is truly saying that you need to fix something with your payment method, go onto your Amazon account to check things out. Your Orders will be able to let you know if you truly need to revise your payment method.

Therefore, be wary of clicking any link that you receive in an email!

If you have been charged already and Amazon truly does say that your payment method needs to be revised, a few things could be at work here. First of all, your bank account may have already authorized the purchase and has your order as “pending”.

This could be taken out — or it could just go away — in a few days’ time. Your money will not be taken out of your bank account. Amazon will have you verify your payment method again.

Often, this is the most common situation Amazon customers find themselves in. This can happen because the bank authorizes your purchase, yet something happens where your payment fails. You won’t officially be charged and this purchase will go away in a few days.

“Payment Revision Needed” When Using Gift Cards on Amazon

If you have ordered something from Amazon when using gift cards, you might also stumble upon a “Payment Revision Needed” message. This could happen if the credit or debit card you’ve used to pay the rest of the order has been declined for some reason.

When this happens, your gift card balance will still be used. It’s taken out automatically. You’ll just have to verify whatever card you used to pay the rest of the balance.

How to Fix “Payment Revision Needed” on Amazon

Once you’ve received this “Payment Revision Needed” message on Amazon, you should act accordingly. After all, you won’t get your order until this is fixed!

Go to Your Orders on your Amazon account. There, you’ll see which order needs its payment method to be revised. Click the link to revise your payment and ensure that you’re accurately putting in the correct information.

Once the payment method has been verified, Amazon will let you know — and then your package will be on its way to you!

1. Your Payment Method Failed

If you are being asked to revise your payment method, this means that your payment method failed in some way. There could be various reasons why this happened. Sometimes, just the wrong zip code or a misspelling of your name could be to blame.

The wrong CVV code could also be why your payment method has failed. So, when you are revising your payment method, always ensure you’re putting everything in accurately!

2. Bank Declined Your Purchase

Your bank may have also declined your purchase. This also could happen for a variety of reasons, including some of the reasons we mentioned above. Check to see if you have enough funds in your bank account, as well as if you have any restrictions on your account.

If you can’t figure out why your bank has declined your purchase, give them a call. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what is going on.

3. Your Card Information Is Wrong

We’ve already touched upon this a bit. But if you have any inaccuracy when filling out your credit or debit card information on Amazon, then your payment method may not go through. You’ll need to verify your payment as a result.

This could happen if you have accidentally misspelled your name without realizing it, put in the wrong card number, the wrong CCV number, or entered the wrong zip code. If anything to do with your card is even slightly off, your payment method won’t go through.

4. You’ve Refreshed the Page When Ordering

You may also need to revise your payment method if you’ve accidentally refreshed the page when ordering. This could have caused the order to not go through or to mess up. As a result, Amazon may ask you to revise your payment.

This may also happen if you’ve hit the back button in the process of ordering — or if you’ve clicked anything when your order is still going through.

To keep this from happening, steer clear of clicking any button until after your order has been officially processed!


You may need to revise your payment method on Amazon if your payment has failed, if your bank has declined your purchase, if your card information is wrong, or if you’ve refreshed the page when ordering. Calling Amazon Support can help you learn why this has happened.