Why Do I Have an Amazon Gift Card Balance?

Upon ordering, have you realized that you have a random gift card balance on Amazon? Why do you suddenly have a gift card balance? Is there anything you can do about this? Keep reading below to find out why you may have received a gift card balance on Amazon!

Why Do I Have an Amazon Gift Card Balance?

You may have an Amazon gift card balance if you have received a gift card from someone, if you have returned an item and been refunded through your Amazon balance, if you’ve added Amazon Cash to your account, or if you’ve signed up for a deal with Amazon.

Keep reading below, where we explain all of these factors in detail!

1. Someone Has Sent You a Gift Card

You may have an Amazon gift card balance if someone has sent you an Amazon gift card. You can view your gift card balance to have a better understanding of how much you have in your balance.

Often, when you receive a gift card (whether physically or digitally), you have to confirm that you’ve received the card and add it to your Amazon account. You may have already done this and forgotten about it!

Once you’ve officially added this gift card to your Amazon account, you will have a new balance that you can use for any of your future purchases.

2. You Have Returned an Item

If you’re really confused as to why you have a gift card balance, the answer may be solved by looking at any returns you’ve recently made. When you make a return, you tell Amazon where you would like your refund to go.

Sending your refund to your Amazon account, where it will be added to your overall gift card balance, is one option. This may be why you have a gift card balance!

3. You’ve Added Amazon Cash to Your Account

Amazon Cash is a new way to add money to your Amazon account. Basically, you can go to any participating store and add cash to your Amazon account by using a credit or debit card at the store. Many people like using Amazon Cash because then they don’t have to use their debit or credit card online!

This cash is then added to your Amazon balance.

Your Amazon Cash balance and your Amazon gift card balance are one and the same. So, if you’re confused as to why you have a gift card balance after adding Cash to your account, don’t worry. The balance includes both Cash and gift cards!

You can use this balance for any purchase, regardless of whether it’s from a Cash deposit or a gift card.

4. You’ve Signed Up For an Amazon Deal

Every now and then, Amazon offers really great deals to their customers. Have you recently signed up for a subscription service through Amazon? Or maybe you’ve applied for Amazon’s credit card?

Amazon tends to offer deals when you sign up for stuff, especially during peak shopping months. For example, the winter holiday shopping season is often full of great Amazon deals you can only get during this time.

So, if you’ve recently signed up for something through Amazon, check the email they send you that lets you know all of the offers and benefits you get through this deal. You might’ve received a gift card — which would be automatically added to your Amazon account — in this deal!

Let’s specifically talk about a deal that Amazon previously ran. During one winter holiday shopping season, Amazon offered certain customers the chance to sign up for their credit cards. Amazon would automatically give them a $200 gift card if they took this offer.

Sounds like a deal, right? Amazon offers so many of these types of deals! So, if you’ve recently signed up for anything through Amazon, double-check to see all the benefits you got with it. You might’ve just gotten an Amazon gift card without even realizing it!


If you realize you have an Amazon gift card balance, this could be because you have added a gift card to your account, added Amazon Cash to your account, received a refund for a returned item, or signed up for a deal with Amazon that gave you a gift card.