What Is the Difference Between L5 and L6 at Amazon?

Amazon has a job hierarchy in many of its departments, with titles that differentiate one position (or one level) from another. You may be confused about exactly how close L5 and L6 are in Amazon’s organizational structure.

Below, we explain all the differences between these two levels!

What Is the Difference Between L5 and L6 at Amazon?

In general, both L5 and L6 positions are managerial positions. L5 positions have a II in the job title, while L6 positions have a III in the title. L6 positions may also have the word “Senior” in the title. Often, L6 does offer more money or more benefits than L5.

Keep reading to learn even more about the difference between level 5 jobs and level 6 ones!

How Much Does Your Salary Increase When Promoted From L5 to L6?

If you’re promoted from an L5 position to an L6 position, your salary could increase. How much your salary increases depends on what position you’re being promoted to, what department you are working in, what you are offered, and what salary you agree upon.

Therefore, your salary could increase in different ways than other people who are also being promoted.

Someone who is being promoted to an L6 position in one department could, as a result, be making either much less or much more than someone being promoted to an L6 position in another department.

For example, an L6 position in an Amazon fulfillment center is much different than an L6 in an Amazon corporate office.

This also means that there could be some L5s that are making the same, or almost the same, as some L6 employees.

Amazon L6

Let’s talk in detail about what an L6 employee actually means. As we’ve already mentioned, Amazon organizes its employees at different levels. It’s a bit like a hierarchy system. The longer you’ve been there, or the more qualifications you have, the higher level your position will be.

L5 and L6 employees are all in managerial positions, when it comes to those who work in Amazon fulfillment centers. These levels — and the positions employees are in — may differ in different departments.

An L6 employee is someone who is a manager. They may also have the title of “Senior” manager in certain departments. On average, L6 employees will make more than the previous levels — but this isn’t set in stone.

As we’ve mentioned above, there could be some L5 employees that make more, or equal, to what L6 employees make. Salary can change on a case-by-case basis, especially if Amazon wants to hire someone and offers them more money, but at a lower level or position.

Employees who are L6 also likely have a 3 or III in their title. For example, if you are promoted to an L6 position, your official job title could be Manager of (Insert Department) III.

Amazon Level 6 Salary

An Amazon Level 6 salary can vary. Salaries change depending on what department you are in, what your official job title is, what you are offered, and what you ask for if you want a higher increase in pay.

Therefore, L6 employees can often have different salaries — though those in the same exact department and the same exact position won’t have incredibly different salaries.

An L6 in a tech field, in comparison, will likely make more than an L6 in a non-tech field. Again, salaries can vary. If you’re going to be promoted to an L6 (or just thinking about it!), talking with your hiring manager or supervisor can help you better understand what this promotion entails.

Is L6 a Good Level at Amazon?

An L6 is considered a good level at Amazon. After all, most L6s (depending on the specific department) are managers and oversee a team of Amazon employees. L6s are the second-highest “manager” job at Amazon.

L7s are the highest manager positions, as these positions are considered senior and principal managers.

Plus, as we’ve already discussed, those at level 6 can often make more money than the previous levels.

What Is a Level 6 Job at Amazon?

A level 6 job at Amazon is, on average, a managerial position. While some departments may vary on what an L6 job actually is, L6 jobs in Amazon fulfillment centers are often managers or senior managers.

Any official job title that has a 3 or a III in it is often considered an L6 position.

If you are a software engineer, an L6 position is different. The same goes for those in Amazon’s marketing departments. Every department is different in how they rank or level their employees.

Amazon L5

Now, let’s discuss Amazon L5 employees. Amazon level 5 employees are one step below L6 positions — but L5s are still managers.

An L5 position is a manager over a certain area or team. Often, the official job title of an L5 employee will have 2 or II in it. An L5 manager must report to an L6 manager, in the chain of command.

In comparison, an L4 employee could either be a high-ranking associate or an associate manager. The official job titles of L4 employees often have a 1 or I.

Amazon Level 5 Salary

Just as with L6 employees, the salary of a Level 5 employee at Amazon can vary. The department you work in, the specific job you have, and what Amazon is willing to pay you (if you ask for more money) can all contribute to different salary levels.

Tech L5 positions will often be paid higher than non-tech L5 positions. Departments can also vary when it comes to salary, as one department could pay a lot more than another.

Speaking with your hiring manager, Amazon HR, or your supervisor can help you better understand exactly what salary you’re looking at, if you’re going to be promoted to an L5 position.

Is L5 a Good Level at Amazon

L5 is also a good level at Amazon. Just as with L6 positions, an L5 position is also a managerial position. While not as high as an L6, an L5 employee still has a lot of responsibility involved with their job!

What Is a Level 5 Job at Amazon?

An L5 job at Amazon is almost always a managerial position — though this can sometimes vary depending on the department. In a fulfillment center, an L5 position is a managerial position. L5 managers, therefore, are responsible for a certain team or aspect in the fulfillment center.

In comparison, an L5 software engineer has completely different responsibilities. And while they may have 2 or II in their official job title, they may not exactly be considered managers.

Again, every department varies on whether these levels are truly managers or not. However, an L5 is always higher in the hierarchy ranking at Amazon, regardless of what department you are in.


L5 and L6 employees are both managers in Amazon fulfillment centers. L5 employees are managers with a 2 or II in their official job title. Meanwhile, L6 employees are managers or senior managers with a 3 or III in their official job title.