What Is AmazonBasics? [Full Explanation]

While searching for your favorite products on Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, you may have noticed that the site offers many different brands, refurbished items, products sold by third-party retailers, and even certain items that are labeled as AmazonBasics.

If you want to find out just what AmazonBasics is, we have everything you need to know right here.

What Is AmazonBasics?

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label brand. Similar to many other large corporations, Amazon purchases these items in bulk from a seller, then labels them with their own name. They can sell these products at an extremely low price because they buy them directly from the manufacturer at a wholesale price.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything there is to know about AmazonBasics so you can find out if these products might be the right choice for you!

Is AmazonBasics a Brand?

Technically, AmazonBasics is a brand, however, it’s important to note that because Amazon purchases these items directly from the manufacturer, they are not all made by the same external company and, therefore, can vary in terms of value and quality.

Usually, when consumers see a brand name, they can usually associate the products with a certain level of dependability and will know exactly what they are getting with their purchase.

AmazonBasics is a little different, and even though the products are all offered as Amazon’s private label, some of the items are better than others.

In order to decide if you should opt for an AmazonBasic product, you will still want to read the reviews and maybe do a little research as to whether or not the item was well-received by previous clients.

How Many AmazonBasics Products Are There?

The fact is that Amazon has over 100 different private labels, and most of the products for sale on the site have been manufactured and purchased by Amazon at an extreme discount so they can offer the client an incredibly low price.

Within AmazonBasics alone, there are over 2,000 products available to Amazon’s loyal customers. These products are almost never out of stock as Amazon has purchased thousands of each one, which means that within the many categories and individual products, Amazon has tens of thousands of AmazonBasics options.

Here is a cohesive list of the various AmazonBasics product categories:

  • Personal care and beauty
  • Household items (home improvement products and furniture)
  • Kitchen items
  • Pet supplies
  • Kids’ items
  • Electronic accessories
  • Travel necessities
  • Music and audio accessories
  • Sporting goods
  • Fitness products
  • Office furniture and supplies

Within these categories are thousands of items, and every year, the increased profits from AmazonBasics are growing significantly. In fact, in 2018, Amazon sold $7.5 billion worth of AmazonBasics products.

Learn more about the warranty on AmazonBasics products.

How Does Amazon Produce AmazonBasics?

Although Amazon is an incredibly large company that has a variety of offerings, including online and in-store retailing, a third-party selling platform, online memberships, grocery delivery, their own delivery network, and so much more, Amazon does not manufacture any actual products.

As you now know, AmazonBasics is legally Amazon’s own private-label brand, but they do not produce the items themselves. An external manufacturer produces AmazonBasics products, and there are actually hundreds of manufacturers that create the items labeled as AmazonBasics.

Amazon’s role in the production of AmazonBasics products is simply to order them and then label them upon arrival. It is an extremely cost-efficient way to provide the products customers want at a low price point and still make a huge profit.

Can AmazonBasics Be Trusted?

When you search for a product or keyword on Amazon, if you find what you were looking for and click on the item, you will often see a small box on the screen that says there is an AmazonBasics option that offers an equivalent item for a much more affordable price.

Of course, this is Amazon’s way of promoting their private label products, but you might be wondering: if you do not know who manufactured an AmazonBasics product, can it be trusted?

Unfortunately, purchasing an AmazonBasics product is a bit of a shot in the dark. Some of the items are extremely reliable and even comparable to other brand-name products, while as many others seriously fall short.

However, it is important to understand that AmazonBasics can be trusted to be decent products; they just may or may not compare to the original item you searched for.

When it comes to electronics, most users have reported that the AmazonBasics items simply do not hold up, whereas products that are basic, to begin with, such as towels, kitchen utensils, cleaning products, etc., are probably worth the savings.

At the end of the day, AmazonBasics products are usually a great deal less expensive than other name brands, so if you’re looking to save some cash, it might be the perfect option for you! And remember, you can always return it if it does not meet your requirements!

Is AmazonBasics a Chinese Company?

Because AmazonBasics products are made by hundreds of manufacturers, it’s impossible to say that it is strictly a company from a certain country. However, the vast majority of AmazonBasics products are made in China.

Amazon prides itself on its transparency and claims that its supply chain information is available to each and every one of its customers. When you purchase an AmazonBasics product, it should state somewhere in the description where it was manufactured, and most of the time, it will say China.

Some of AmazonBasics are also manufactured in India and a variety of other countries throughout Asia, so it is not an entirely Chinese company.

Why Is AmazonBasics So Cheap?

First of all, it’s vital to understand that one of the main reasons why Amazon can afford to price its products so low is because the company makes billions of dollars every year in advertisement sales, third-party sales profits, Prime memberships, and more.

AmazonBasics is so cheap because Amazon purchases the items at a wholesale price, and because the conglomerate is not really concerned with making money on these products.

As one of the most consumer-friendly companies on the planet, Amazon simply wants to be able to offer the cheapest products to keep their customers coming back for absolutely everything they need.

Should I Buy AmazonBasics AC?

AmazonBasics offers several different kinds of air conditioning units at a variety of price points. Most of AmazonBasics AC units are made in India and, therefore, are much more affordable than many brand-name models.

Overall, the customer reviews of AmazonBasics AC units all report the same thing: You should buy an AmazonBasics AC.

They are reliable, well-made, and can efficiently cool your home for a fraction of the price of a similar brand name option.

Are AmazonBasics Pots and Pans Good?

Again, there are quite a few different options of pots and pans offered by AmazonBasics, and while it is challenging to confidently say that they are all good products, the general consensus is that, yes, AmazonBasics pots and pans are good.

Especially because they are set at such a competitive price point, AmazonBasics pots and pans are, without a doubt, a great option for their price. Of course, you can get better-quality pots and pans from a different brand name, but they will cost a whole lot more.

When Was AmazonBasics Launched?

Originally, AmazonBasics was launched in 2009. However, at that time, the private label was only offering electronic accessories such as cables and plugs.

Over the next decade, AmazonBasics was expanded to include thousands of products across a dozen categories and has grown into one of the largest private-label brands on earth.

How Big Is AmazonBasics?

AmazonBasics is incredibly big! As the largest private label in the world, AmazonBasics products were responsible for 57.8% of Amazon’s sales in 2019.

Even in 2018, when the brand was still growing, AmazonBasics provided $7.5 billion of profit for Amazon, and that number keeps going up!

With over 2,000 types of products in a variety of categories, there are very few items today that are not offered at a cheaper price by AmazonBasics.

How Do You Become an AmazonBasics Supplier?

AmazonBasics suppliers are certainly making a killing, so you may be wondering how you can become an AmazonBasics supplier and get in on the action!

Unfortunately, becoming an AmazonBasics supplier is pretty challenging. You can’t simply apply but have to be invited by the Amazon vendor team in order to be considered as one of their AmazonBasics suppliers.

In order to even meet their qualifications, you must be able to produce an incredible amount of products for a very low price point, so most small or even medium-sized suppliers won’t even be in the running.


AmazonBasics is one of Amazon’s many private-label brands. The brand provides thousands of products in a variety of categories which are manufactured by large companies mostly in China and India. Amazon then labels them with their own name and sells them at extremely affordable prices.