What Does “Pending Start Date” Mean at Amazon?

You’ve recently got a job at Amazon, yet you still haven’t started your first day. What does it mean when your job status says “Pending Start Date”? Are you supposed to do something to change this? Keep reading to find out more!

What Does “Pending Start Date” Mean at Amazon?

If your job status says “Pending Start Date”, this just means that Amazon is working to find the best day for you to start. This could take a short amount of time, especially if they are working to do an orientation with new hires. However, they will update this status.

You might also be directed to do a few things, such as pick your desired shift, during this timeframe. Therefore, there’s a lot you should know. Below, we explain everything!  

Does “Pending Start Date” at Amazon Mean I Got the Job?

If your Amazon job status says “Pending Start Date”, this does mean you got the job! At this point in the application process, you likely have already accepted a job offer from Amazon. You’ve probably already done a background check.

You’ve passed all of these tests — and now you’re awaiting your first day. Therefore, your job status says “Pending Start Date”.

How Long Do I Have to Wait While My Job Status Says “Pending Start Date”?

You shouldn’t have to wait too long in the “Pending Start Date” phase. However, it could take up to a week for things to change. As a result, you might have to be a little patient!

It could take close to a week for your job status to get out of this phase. This could be the case if you are a part of a group of new hires and Amazon is looking to get you all in the same orientation. Therefore, they could be waiting to start everybody.

However, you will likely soon learn when your start date is. If this status hasn’t changed in more than a week or two, then it doesn’t hurt to get in touch with your hiring manager or supervisor to ensure that you haven’t missed anything!

What Is Amazon Doing During the Pending Start Date Job Status?

During the “Pending Start Date” phase, Amazon is working to ensure that all of their new hires are starting on time. Paperwork is needed to be approved. Orientation plans are needed to be set up.

Training plans are also being set up during this time. It’s a lot of work to bring just one new hire into the fold — so many Amazon employees and managers are working in a lot of different ways during this “Pending Start Date” phase!

As we mentioned above, this could be why your job status is stuck in this position for about a week. A lot has to be done in some circumstances!

Amazon Pending Start Date Email Confirmation

Amazon Pending Start Date Email Confirmation

If your job status says “Pending Start Date Email Confirmation”, this could be because you’ve just chosen the shift you wanted. Now, everything just needs to be approved. In a way, this is the next step after the normal “Pending Start Date” phase!

How Long Is the Pending Start Date Job Status in Amazon UK and Amazon Costa Rica?

The “Pending Start Date” job status varies from warehouse to warehouse and position to position. Regardless of where you are located, this phase really could vary. You could be stuck in this phase for a few days or a week or two at most.

In the UK, you will likely be stuck in the “Pending Start Date” phase for a few days or weeks (at most). The same goes for those in Costa Rica.

As we’ve mentioned above, every case is different. Some warehouses and managers work to make this phase as short as possible. Meanwhile, other managers and warehouses may be overwhelmed with new hires — and therefore, this phase could be a bit longer.

Can I Delay My Start Date With Amazon?

If you are looking to delay your start date with Amazon for any reason, you should definitely get in contact with your hiring manager or supervisor. Let them know what is going on and why you cannot start immediately.

On average, they will understand this. For example, if you cannot start immediately because you are still working at another job — a job you are quitting to begin working with Amazon — then your supervisor will understand this.

They will then work with Amazon HR so that you don’t have to start until necessary. Of course, your start date shouldn’t be too far away.

You should always let Amazon know if you’ve found yourself in this position. Don’t leave them hanging, or guess where you are!


If your job status says “Pending Start Date”, this means that Amazon is working to find the best start date for you. You have been offered the job and are just waiting to start your first day. You may then have to choose your desired shift sometime soon.