What Does Loc Mean on Amazon Kindle? [Full Guide]

When you’re reading an ebook on your Amazon Kindle, you may have noticed the word Loc. What does this mean? And why is it showing up on your Kindle while you’re reading? Don’t worry — we’re here to explain everything below with this full guide!

What Does Loc Mean on Amazon Kindle?

Loc on Amazon Kindle means Location. Because fonts, screen sizes, and paragraph styles can change the “pages” on Kindles, it can be hard to pinpoint and discuss where sentences or paragraphs are. Therefore, Locations were made to more accurately allow references to areas in the book.

There’s a lot you should know about Locations on Amazon Kindle. We explain everything below in full detail!

Why Does Kindle Use Locations Instead of Pages?

When you’re reading an ebook on an Amazon Kindle, you have the option to change just about everything (in regards to format) when reading it. Do you want the font bigger or smaller? You can change it!

Do you want more space between lines and paragraphs? You can also do this incredibly easily! Amazon allows Kindle users to format their ebooks how they want to read them.

While this is obviously great for ebook readers, it does create a few different problems. Because you can change the font, paragraph style, and overall format of the book you’re reading, this means that there is no way to accurately keep the pages the same length.

So, different people reading the same book, yet with different formats, would have different page numbers when reading the same sentence. If you’re going to reference a particular sentence or paragraph, others won’t know where to find it, as the page number will be different for them.

This is why Kindle created Locations. Locations will never change, regardless of the format of the ebook. So, if you reference a sentence in an ebook with the Location attached, other readers will be able to easily find it on their own Kindles!

How Do I Change My Kindle From Loc to Page?

When you’re reading an ebook, the Loc of the book will show up on the bottom left-hand corner of your ebook. If you’d like to change this so that you only see the page number, you can easily do this by:

  1. Clicking the center of your screen while reading an ebook
  2. Clicking “Aa” at the top of the screen
  3. Click “More”
  4. Press the “Reading Progress” section and choose your desired choices

In this “Reading Process” section, you’ll be able to choose how you want to see where your reading progress. Options include:

  • Page in book
  • Time left in chapter
  • Time left in the book
  • Hide reading progress

You can select as many, or as few, of these options as you want! Once you exit this section and return to your ebook, you will see your reading progress again in the bottom left-hand corner of your book.

By tapping this reading progress, you can then change what you see, depending on what choices you chose above. For example, you can click this section to go back in forth between the page in the book, the time left in the chapter, and the time left in the book.

Best Font Size for Your Eyes on Amazon Kindle

There are a lot of different fonts and font sizes that Amazon allows authors to publish their books in. However, if you don’t like the font choices the book is defaulted to, you can change it!

Often, the best font size for your eyes will depend on you. Anything below 12 points will likely be too small. Therefore, start with 12 points sized font and then go from there, increasing it to larger text until you feel comfortable!

Other Tips When Using Amazon Kindle

As we’ve mentioned above, Amazon really allows readers to format books in their own specific way. This just enhances the overall reading experience!

If you really like your ebooks to have a certain font, font size, and paragraph spacing, you don’t have to continuously change each and every ebook you read. Put together your own little book formatting and then save it as your preferred way to read on your Kindle account.

Then, every time you go to read a book, it will automatically format itself to what you like!


Loc on Amazon Kindle means Location. Location was invented as an easy way for ebook readers to accurately reference a sentence or paragraph in a book that others can quickly find. Because ebook formats can change, page numbers will always differ. Locations will not.