What Does “Shipping Now” Mean on Amazon?

Waiting for your recent Amazon order, only to find that your package is in the “Shipping Now” stage? What could that mean?

Below, we explain what “Shipping Now” means, when this means you can expect your package, and more about Amazon’s shipping methods.

What Does “Shipping Now” Mean on Amazon?

“Shipping Now” means that your order is ready, packaged, or in the process of being packaged and is often waiting at an Amazon warehouse to be shipped. Your payment method has been verified, you’ve likely been charged, and your order will soon be on its way to you.

There’s a lot you should know about what “Shipping Now” really means — and we go into detail about it below!

Can You Cancel an Amazon Order When It Says “Shipping Now”?

On average, you cannot cancel an Amazon order once it is “Shipping Now”. While it’s very hard to do so, you might have some success at speaking with Amazon’s Customer Service and letting them know your situation.

If you want to cancel your order, you really should try to cancel it when it’s still in the beginning stages after ordering. For example, “Preparing For Shipment” is a better timeframe to easily cancel your order than “Shipping Now”!

Is It Normal for an Amazon Order to Be Stuck on “Shipping Now” for 3 Days or More?

Yes, this can be normal, depending on your situation! If you’ve ordered from a seller on Amazon, your order could be stuck in the “Shipping Now” phase. This is common.

Sellers, which can be small to large businesses, likely won’t have the number of workers that Amazon does. Amazon can quickly get through the “Shipping Now” phase. Sellers may not.

It will take sellers a longer time to process this order and actually ship the package out to you, especially if it’s the weekend. You have no need to worry! However, if this continues for longer, you might want to pay special attention to your order to see what’s going on.

What Is the Difference Between “Preparing for Shipment” and “Shipping Now” on Amazon?

“Preparing for Shipment” comes before “Shipping Now” and is quite different. Often, “Preparing for Shipment” is one of the first phases that your Amazon order will go through.

During this time, your order has been received. You likely have not been charged yet. Therefore, if you’re going to try to cancel your order, this is the best time to do so.

“Preparing for Shipment” is the beginning stage where Amazon, or a seller, is preparing all items and getting ready for what comes next.

“Shipping Now”, meanwhile, means that your items are all packaged (or are currently being packaged). A shipping label has been printed. You have been charged, and your package is ready to go — and will soon be on its way to you!

Which Order Status Comes After “Shipping Now” on Amazon?

Once your order has completed the “Shipping Now” phase on Amazon, your order will then say it has been “Shipped”. When this happens, your package is now completely in the hands of a mail carrier and is on its way to being delivered to you.

Once your order is “Shipped”, you can begin to track your package to better understand when you’ll receive it. The time frame can obviously vary.

While it seems like the “Shipping Now” phase would also mean that your order is being shipped, this isn’t the case. Don’t assume your order is actually on its way to you until you get a notification that your order is “Shipped”.

“Shipping Now” just means that your order is packaged and ready to go — but not that it’s actually in the possession of a mail carrier yet!

Can I Change the Time and Date of Delivery When My Amazon Order Says “Shipping Now”?

Often, once your order enters the “Shipping Now” phase, much is out of your hands. You likely won’t be able to change the time and date of your delivery. Everything has already been done, and your order is just waiting to be shipped during this part.

If you’re very concerned about your package, you can always get in contact with Amazon Customer Service to let them know what’s going on.

However, if you ever want to change the time and date of your delivery, you should try to do this as early as possible after ordering, preferably before the “Shipping Now” phase!


Amazon’s “Shipping Now” means that your order is packaged or in the process of being packaged and is ready to be shipped. Your payment method has been verified, you have likely been charged, and you can soon expect a mail carrier to begin shipping your package to you.