What Does a Blue Badge Mean at Amazon? (Full Guide)

Workers at Amazon have different color badges, which signify different things. So, when workers wear a blue badge at Amazon, what does this exactly mean? Below, we answer this very common question — and more!

What Does a Blue Badge Mean at Amazon?

A blue badge at Amazon means that a worker is a full-time employee. However, once a full-time employee works at Amazon for a certain number of years, they will then wear an orange badge. In comparison, seasonal or temporary workers have white badges. Badges, therefore, just signify workers and seniority.

There is a lot more you should know about blue badges and other factors that occur in the workplace at Amazon. We explain more below!

Amazon Blue Badge Conversion Requirements

Looking to be a blue badge while working at Amazon? Here’s what you need to know.

First of all, full-time employees are blue-badge employees. So, if you’re currently a white badge employee, this means you are a seasonal or temporary employee. If you would like to convert to a blue badge, you will need to become a full-time worker.

And that’s it! That’s the only thing you need to do to get that blue badge. If you don’t work at Amazon but are looking to and would like to be a blue badge immediately, you’ll just need to ensure that you apply for a full-time position!

Amazon Blue Badge Benefits

Because Amazon workers with blue badges are full-time employees, they’ll naturally have better benefits than seasonal or temporary workers. In the United States, when you are a full-time worker, you receive benefits such as paid sick days or vacation time.

A blue badge employee also has the benefit of having better job security. When you are a full-time worker, you naturally feel more secure in your job than a seasonal or temporary worker. This is a huge benefit!

Amazon Blue Badge vs. White Badge

We’ve already discussed this a bit above, but let’s deep dive more into what separates an Amazon blue-badge employee from a white-badge employee.

White badge employees are workers who are temporary or seasonal. In comparison, workers with blue badges are full-time workers. This is the only clear difference between the employees!

In this way, badges allow workers to see the seniority levels in the workplace. However, you can also get a job with Amazon in a full-time position and get a blue badge without ever having to be a seasonal worker!

Can You Get a Blue Badge at Amazon While Working Part-Time?

Some part-time workers may be able to have blue badges when they are hired — as long as they are not hired as seasonal or temporary workers (which would then leave them with a white badge).

In fact, there are many people who are part-time workers who start out with blue badges. However, because you aren’t full-time, you will not get all of the added benefits that other blue badges get.

For example, you will not get the paid sick leave or vacation days that other full-time workers get. If you become a full-time employee and work 40 hours a week, then you can receive these added benefits!

Do Blue Badges Get Paid More at Amazon?

Because most blue badges are full-time employees, they do naturally get paid more at Amazon. Often, this has to do with the hours they work more than anything else. But sometimes, full-time employees are hired at different rates than seasonal workers!

If you are a part-time employee with a blue badge, you might not make as much as other blue badges. As a result, you could be making the same as seasonal or temporary workers.

Amazon Blue Badge Salary

How much an Amazon blue badge employee can often range depending on how long the worker has been with Amazon, as well as where they work in the country. According to Glassdoor, Amazon blue badges can expect to make about $16 to $17 an hour.

Does Amazon Blue Badge Get Paid Weekly?

Blue badge workers at Amazon do not get paid weekly; they are paid bi-weekly. In comparison, employees with white badges (those who are seasonal or temporary) are paid every week.

So, if you start out as a white badge employee, you will be paid weekly. However, if you decide to stay on and become a full-time employee — and therefore a blue badge worker — you will then be paid every two weeks.


A blue badge at Amazon means that the worker is a full-time employee. In comparison, a worker with a white badge is only a seasonal or temporary worker. Blue badges at Amazon tend to be paid more, because they are full-time. They also tend to have better benefits!